Who owns pigs in france what are the do's and dont's of keeping pigs , and the legality when owning them

kath where do you get the tags and herd n.o from does this cost much and can you slaghter them urselves,

I have a 5 acre field in 03 near the house, so are they hardy to Vipers

and thanks for the reply... Kev

We tend to keep a couple although the bureaucracy is making us think twice. You need a cheptel no. (herd no.)and then all animals must be tagged. If they live outside you may need to have them blood tested annually (otherwise the abattoir will not accept them). Ours live outside all year (with a pig arc) and are fed on grain and scraps etc. They are great to have around.

If you have any specifics, we'll try to answer them :)