Pilates instructor

On our move to Charente 16, having found a rheumatologist not much further away than mine is in the uk; I am now trying to find a Pilates instructor as it is that which keeps me mobile and I would hate to give it up. Any ideas or reccomendations?

The Charente is a big place… where in 16?
Vanessa goes to a pilates class in Cherves Chatelars

I go to Pilates and gym classes that are both organised by my foyer rural - both run by qualified professionals and good value for money at around 5euros a class. So if you know where you are going to be then look at the local ones to see what they offer. Failing that google will be your friend, or look at websites of the various Pilates organisations like https://www.fpmp.fr. Once you are living here local people will also be able to provide recommendations no doubt.


Hi Jane… I just Googled it and came up with loads of info… check on through… might be something useful for you in this lot… there are at least 10 pages… and also links to other sites… :relaxed:


Sorry, yes 16 is huge. We will fingers crossed be near Saint Claud, I drive so it doesn’t have to be too close. I have a half hour trip to the other side of Newcastle at the moment.

Thank you so much for your help all, I do enjoy a mat class and at 5 euros that sounds very cheap but am also looking for a studio with the big equipment in. I would in an ideal world own my own cadillac and reformer of course!

Well, seems like you might be in luck with Saint Claud. The lady I was referring to that Vanessa goes to also hold as gym class in Chasseneuil/Bonnieure in an evening time which is literally minutes from St Claud. Cherves Chatelars is a bit further on but certainly not too far cross country from St Claud to make it viable.

Ow wow, serendipity!

Yes, Saint Claud is a really nice place now that the bypass is operating.
Much fewer large camions driving through and causing havoc :+1: