Pining for Cheddar,

if you miss Cheddar cheese, now you can buy proper, handmade in Brittany by Erica, traditional, organic cloth bound Cheddar here. We had 2 kilos of mature Cheddar delivered the other day. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted better Cheddar, it’s delicious and all comes vacuum packed. Here’s Erica’s website, if you’d like some too:

We live in Southern Burgundy and when in need of a Cheddar "fix" we can buy Cathedral City Mature Cheddar in E-Leclerc and Carrefour in many of their supermarkets in Saône et Loire. Our region is not renowned for the supermarkets specifically catering for the British expats, so I would imagine those of you living in the areas more populated by Brits should be able to find cheddar in some of your local supermarkets if you look caerphilly!

For all you cheddar lovers.....try an mature menchago really nutty flavour,

cheddar like texture.

I love red cheddar, but I settle for mimolette these days.

Thanks Wendy xx

I don’t thinks so James, I’ll see if I can tempt her…the cheese is superb!

Is Erica a member yet Wendy? If not, please can you invite her, I do miss cheddar!