Pink 2047 form

First year I have received a pink 2047 form, I normally send my HMRC form to the impots stating the amount on form 2044? think thats the number. Anyway Can anyone confirm that I write the amount on page 4 section 6? for myself and hubby, before any TAX paid in england? thanks in advance…

Hi Zoe - it very much depends on the type / source of the overseas revenue as to where it’s entered on form 2047. Amounts entered on form 2047 are then transposed onto your main declaration form 2042 (and others where applicable).

As an aside, I’m astounded that you’ve got away with not submitting form 2047 in the past. You must have a very ‘accommodating’ tax office! :slight_smile:

Hi Zoe

Your local Tax Office folk will be pleased to help you…:slight_smile:

LOL- yours might be Stella but mine are like bulldogs chewing wasps (mostly!!!) :slight_smile:

It’s for a Uk rental income. Last year we went to see the tax man. So rental income is in section 6? Page 4. ?


Now that you have received another Form… different from last year… it might be an idea to phone them up and talk it through…surely just a quick question in the right ear will clear things up. :wink: