Places to stay in Bordeaux

I intend spending three days (two nights) in Bordeaux to celebrate(?) my 75th Birthday. We will drive from Brive across using the autoroute, but don't want to use the car in the city.

So I am looking for a room for three adults somewhere near public transport into the City, and where I can leave the car.

Anybody out there with any ideas or contacts?

Dates will be on 16-18th March (nights 16/17)

Many thanks.

Enjoy and an early Happy Birthday! We have a celebration in March too,a 40th wedding anniversary but for a change we have booked 2 nights in La Rochelle at the Residence De France hotel. Maybe other readers know it and can comment although to fix the best deal, I can't change the booking!

oops - early morning typos! Sorry about that.

Well we have decided and followed the airbnb suggestion, although the booking arrangement was very complex. One factor was the acceptance of PayPal which is always a plus for me as I don't like giving my credit card details across the web. Not the cheapest place but looks very nice, and we have pushed the dates back by one day as we understand most restuarants are closed on my actual birthday - a Monday.

Re. the Molly Malone bit. It seems I was thinking of the Fighting Maguires.

Adding another sideline to the Irish Pub bit, I remember in my working trips in Moscow and Leningrad to always being offered Guinness (which I don't like) as a tipple in the multiple Irist Bars that had opened in these cities. Guinness was a favorite tipple and 'chic' at the time. Fortunately there was a decent other Irish ale but I can't remember the name now. One thing I was never offered was Vodka!

The idea on non-French food for a few days does have appeal for us though. I will report back!

We find the website excellent for comparing prices, location and facilities for different hotels. We are going to Bordeaux for the weekend before you (13-15 March) and are staying at the Burdigala which had a good offer and does have parking. We have not been there before.

Haven't been for a couple of years but there used to be a very nice japonese resto called the Café Japonais or something similar which was about 25m off the Rue Ste Catherine, about two thirds of the way up. Trés tasty...

Always wanted to go to Cuzco, but never made it. Now I absolutely must, of course. Meanwhile back in Bordeaux!

Totally useless piece of information maybe but did you know that Paddy Flahertys in Cusco Peru is the highest Irish Bar in the world ?

Interesting or what ?

This Mollie's is not part of a chain! There are 7 Irish bars in Bordeaux all with similar names. Yes,the food is Anglo but I said that. Quality though is excellent and value for money is too! It really depends on budget doesn't it? However special 3 days meals at 5* prices will be quite a treat so maybe the odd affordable recommendation might also be welcome. I leave it for Norman to elaborate on his requirements!

I spotted Molly Malone's among the recommendations. A friend who is a part time anthropologist and the rest of the time a wine buyer (clue, his name is Declan!) was taken there by a client. He said never to go there. It is part of a chain, far too Anglo but pretending to be Irish and described the drinks list as offensive, although he drinks beer and keeps wine as work - except for meals. I've never been, have not a clue where it is but have been to the Helsinki branch for a pint - anyway, isn't it an American rather than real Irish chain?

Hi Brian, yes I think that particular choice will be up to the ladies! It usually is, and is fairness rarely can I fault them. Although, as they are both first-rate cooks they do have a tendency to call up the Chef and point out a few failings on occasion. I admit though it can be good when they study the menu as whether by accident or design they do raise pertinent questions on the preparation before ordering, which I am sure gets relayed to the kitchen!

Can make for interesting meals sometimes, as you might imagine?

This is a very special I will suggest a special place.

Les Sources de Caudelie at Martilac it is owned by Chateau Haute Smith

and has a spa. Treatments, creams and lotions made from the fine properties

from the skins of red grapes. 2 restaurants, bar and a feeling of floaty luxury.

Thanks Sue, Shaun,

Three adults always presents a slight(!) logistical problem - with me being the IT usually!

So what's different from a normal day I ask myself? :-)

Hi Peter,

I too used the Campanile a lot when we lived near Cahors (well, Frayssinet-le-Gelat /Prayssac) and being a reasonable trencherman at the time I agree with you, but the new set-up is a bit cold and impersonal I found, although no complaints about the breakfast buffet in itself.

Thanks for that Karen, I will pass that over to SWMBO as she will be making the ultimate decision, but it sounds ideal. I know it is a deviant thought but why does the 'Molly Malone's' ring some sort of bell with me? I seem to recall the 'Fighting Molly Malones' but don't know if it was a film, or an Irish Rebellion group or even an Irish Regiment?

That will drive me nuts all day now until I find the answer! Well at least until the Rugby starts this afternoon!


Sorry that should be Chartrons! I hate prescriptive text and I am writing on my tablet which is very difficult to edit!

I think you are out for a good time rather than a budget package. There are plenty. Le Bistrot Du Gabriel on Place de la Bourse is excellent or Le Pressoir d'Argent in the Grand hotel de Bordeaux (friends ate there and were very, very happy). However, you might well get an avalanche of replies given there are plenty of good places. Avoid the set menu, cheaper places though because many of them serve mediocre food you can get anywhere in the SW far cheaper everywhere else - many people love them, but that is a matter of taste. When I go for my twice yearly 'contrôle technique' or occasional cardio business, herself always goes with me and we try somewhere else other than go back where we have been. It is a 'spoiled for choice' city. Have a look in the Michelin guide if you want stars, there are several 4s and I believe a few 5s, but we have not yet been able to afford them. Le Bistrot Du Gabriel is the best we have stretched to and for a reasonable price it was first class. The desserts (I rarely have one) were to dream of...

Never stayed in the Campanile in Cahors but i'm a regular customer to the restaurant which I find excellent value for money. Their main courses are good and their buffet selection is as good as i've experienced.

The Appart Hotels can represent good value if you analyse the costings. The underground parking is always a a welcome bonus.

Thanks again. I must admit to a major disappointment last time I visited Cahors with Campanile as the 'third' bed was a scooter arrangement under the double one that rolled out. For the previously mentioned domestic situation the double bed was reserved for the twins and guess who got the floor? As a two visits a night man to the 'loo this was NOT a good arrangement! Like most my age, getting down to the floor level is not too great a problem but getting up again can be.

Since then I have tended to view 'third bed' arrangements with deep suspicion (ditto with ladder arrangements!) and Clark lumbering around in the night in a tiny room is bound to affect the atmosphere- and I understand that.

When I/we go to Hungary we always book an Appart/Hotel which are excellent value there and centrally located. As that is a flight as nowadays 15-hour drives no longer have the old appeal, although I hope to do it again at least once in my declining years, as it is a beautiful if long trip.

I had overlooked the restaurant side of things as that obviously is of some import! So without going raving mad again any suggestions?

Incidentally this REALLY is what SFN is about to me, don't you think?

As ever, many many thanks for the suggestions.

I stayed here recently with a friend. Very comfortable 2 bedrooms, breakfast included, bus to centre or local restaurants and shops nearby, great price.

Hosts lovely, there is a place outside to park as well.

Hi Norman, me and the good lady used to to to Bordeaux quite regularly where we found the 'Appart Hotel' system good value. Appart hotels usually have parking (often underground so the car is safe) and a studio as accommodation. So you will typically find a sleeping area, kitchenette and a lounge area. Baasically a modern 'bed-sit' ! It suited us but may not be everyones cup of tea. The ones we used in Bordeaux Centre were all on regular bus routes.