Places to visit

Morning all!

One of my French students is going to NZ for the world cup and wondered if she could pick your brains re places to visit. Guide books are great but we wondered if there were any ‘off the beaten track’ must see’s that you could recommend?

Thanks a lot!

Catharine x

Hi Catharine,
There is really great info about for visitors about where to go and what to do, not just the normal tourist stuff but especially aimed at visitors for the World Cup.
Your student will get loads of info as she arrives at airports or moves around the different cities.
If she is coming to Auckland, let us know as we would be happy to say hi and share some tips on the city. We live on the North Shore of Auckland, as it happens where the French Team is based.

Thanks Peter!
She’s going to:

and also needs recommendations for somewhere to stay / visit for 3 / 4 days at the in the NW of the north island at the end of the trip? Thanks again Cx

Sure happy to help, what part of the Country is she visiting?
The French team just arrived yesterday, it’s getting exciting now.
We are all looking forward to it.