Placing a link to your blog posts from elsewhere on the net

(Craig McGinty) #1

EACH member of the network has a blog that allows them to write posts about their life in France, offer tips or just let off steam, and you will gain so much more if you feature links to other websites.

So if you mention locations, such as gardens you have visited or stately homes you’ve dropped in on, when you mention their name link across to the property’s website.

There’s more on how to link to another website in this article I wrote a short time ago.

But to gain more value out of the time you have spent writing to your blog make sure you are linking to it from your main website, for example, your holiday home or business.

To do this you’ll see under any of the titles to the stories you’ve written a link that says, “View My Blog” this takes you through to the index page of all the blog posts you’ve produced.

Next take the link from your address bar of this page, head over to your main company website and link to this page from a sidebar, maybe using the words, “Read our blog”.

Finally at the foot of the blog posts you’ve written link back across to your main company website, then every time you write a piece you’ve a new link to your site, readers are able to find out more about the person behind the article and hopefully you’ve got a new customer.

As an example I’ll finish off with a link to my own website.

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