Plan Cancer 2009-2013

This is a major ambitious programme put in place by the French Government in November 2009. It follows on from the original Plan Cancer initiated under president Chirac. There are four major elements to it:

1. Research to improve provision and care

2. Reducing the inequalites of provision,

3. Improving screening and preventative measures

4. Developing a mnore personalised care plan during and after cancer so that people can be helped to regain their place in society.

Of course being a plan of action, not everything outlined is in placein all departments, but good progress is being made.

The whole plan is now available in English -- the document is attached. For those of you who can read French, the initial report of last weeks conference is available on the INCa website

here is the link: Look closely at the second photograph, and you will spot someone in a bright blue sweatshirt - that's me!

For those needing up-to-date information about cancer and its treatment in France the cancerinfo section on the INCa website is worth exploring. Lots more useful information on the CSF Forum.