Planning an exchange program

Hello there,

I am French and I teach English in French schools. I am also president of a new club the purpose of which is to enhance the cultural link between France and Great Britain.

I'm not sure you can help me in any ways but I'm trying anyway.

I would like to send children on a summer linguistic program in England so I need a location preferably a school for the english lessons and also host families.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or any contacts you may share.

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Auto-entrepreneur :slight_smile:

Thank you

Does AE mean American English?


Hi Bernard, if you write to Nikki at the Guild of English Teachers she will send out your request to the members and post it on the facebook site. You should give all the details - hours, the ‘pay’, type of classes, number in groups, ages etc. Many of the teachers are AE.

Good luck.

Hello Irene,

I hope you made a safe return from England.

I am looking for English-speaking teachers who would teach children from 7 to 17

in Carbonne, 40 kms south from Toulouse. They are to be auto-entrepreneurs.

Best wishes



back when my sons were of primary age (they're 25/28 now) there was an organisation Apple something? in I think Crowstone Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, linked to a school, possibly private. We regularly had students each summer for anything from 1-4 weeks stay with us. We would receive a "token" payment to cover food (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner) as they would be in school or on visits during week days and spending time with host families at weekends. There are many schools in this area and one that comes to mind is College Saint Pierre, Leigh Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex, that may be able to assist in schools interested in exchanges. Good Luck......I take in visitors attached to Dept 03, Gannat's Culture du Mondes event and happy to assist, we are English living here.

Hi again. Perhaps it will be a good idea to meet in Toulouse when I get back from London next week.

Do you know GET Guild of English Teachers and TESOL Association - both in Toulouse (TESOL, of course is international)? Both groups run meetings for professional development for English language teachers - you're welcome to come along.

Hello Irene,

I have been a teacher for about 15 years but I'm on a a leave at the moment for personal reasons.

I still do intend on organizing an activity about English learning methods through an association under the law 1901 I'm about to set up. Clearly, I'm not a professionnal in this area.

I hope this makes the matter more clearly.

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Hi Bernard, thank you for your reply. I live near Toulouse most of the time so it should be easy to meet up. Off to the UK for a few days on Thursday, though. One important point for me: are you a teacher or do you organise these trips professionally? I can send you a message if it’s easier.

Hello Teresa,

Thank you for your kind reply.

The program I want to set up should take place during the French holidays for groups of children mostly years 8/9/10.

i have to find teachers who would take care of EFL lessons and host families.

French holidays differ from the British, in summer: from early July until late August

Easter: not systematically at Easter as the dates shift a bit from mid April to mid May for 2 weeks.

For instance,this year, Easter holidays start on the 16th of April for Paris and Toulouse area.

Many thanks


Hello Irene,

Thank you for your kind reply and that sounds very interesting. Mixing French students within a class seems perfect!

The program I want to set up should take place during the French holidays for groups of children mostly years 8/9/10.

French holidays differ from the British, in summer: from early July until late August

Easter: not systematically at Easter as the dates shift a bit from mid April to mid May for 2 weeks.

For instance,this year, Easter holidays start on the 16th of April for Paris and Toulouse area.

I would like to have some information about the school (its website) and as I am planning a trip to England during Easter holidays, we could maybe arrange a meeting to sort things out.

Many thanks


Hello Bernard,

I have no immediate answers for you, however, I may find some suggestions and information for you from my colleagues in school.

I work in a Catholic Secondary School in Bristol, South West England. My friends Kate and Victoria teach French and Spanish to our teenagers.

A Little bit about me!

My husband and I have a house in Planezes, 66720 pres de Perpignan :) two hours from Toulouse. We travel to our house every school holiday and in two weeks will be there. I am looking for a job teaching English for next year, we plan to live there for a year to experience it before we semi-retire!

Anyway, if you would like me to ask some questions for you, let me know. Host families sound a really good idea!

Good luck with your mission.

Bon chance,


Hi Bernard,

I have read through the discussion and although I am not quite sure what you are looking for, I thought I would let you know the type of programme I can offer. I work with a school in the UK that is a language centre within a British comprehensive school. They offer a great programme with English classes in the mornings - some of these are taken in class with the English students (art, cookery, languages, sport etc.) and some are EFL small group lessons. Students stay with families and there are activities arranged in the afternoons with a trip to London at the weekend. Prices depend on the date, but are between £350 and £400 for full board in a family and the English and activity programme. Transport from France is not included but transfers from Gatwick are. Prices are lower than those at private language schools as the programme is run by a state comprehensive, but it has great inspection reports and it's a good opportunity for French and local students to mix. I am a British Council agent and work with quality schools in the UK and this is the only programme I know where the students are mixed with British teens - except, of course, a real exchange.

Yes Bernard,

The town-twinning avenue is a very good route to go down if you want to arrange something more tailor -made, I think.

my cousin in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk Uk) is very active in hers and alot of initiatives to do with this are I think she said, supported by EU funding....

I will ask her to see if she can suggest anything...

Oh, I'm sorry the South Thames link is no good for you , but here is the other one I mentioned.....(via my good friend in the UK)....

Try this.....

Hi, Homestay have a Website Dawns e mail is I have told her someone maybe in touch.

I think my friend has had pupils younger than 16 staying with this should be OK....

Bon chance...

Another idea for you - Centre PEP, I am an external consultant for our local one.

Here in my departement (50 ) we have 2 centres that offer English as an option for schools.

Schools can come for just a few days or a week, sleep on site, have animateurs to take them out for char à voile, educational visits etc and people like myself come in for as much or little English lessons as requested. The break also includes a day trip to Jersey with a 'chasse aux tresors' type game in Saint Helier - questions about different points marked on a map - and a traditional fish and chips lunch

Thank you Elaine.

What i have in mind is to set up a language program within a school in summer. I know it is a bit difficult to explain.



Thank you Natasha, that looks promising.



Why not look at twinning your school with a school in UK. I did this in the past … I taught French to children aged 9 to 13. My pupils in Y 7 and 8 did exchanges with pupils in 5ième and 4ième although they were a year older. Thats how I came to live here in the Pays Basque. I am still in contact with my French counterpart so could advise if you’re interested in going down this route.

Here's a link to hosting a French child within your age range although it isn't attached to a school. It does say that the child maybe able to go to school with the host families child. Other than that maybe email some schools within an area you are looking at?