Planning application

does anyone know if the mairie is obliged to announce planning applications? My neighbour has bought a barn next door to me and i want to be kept aware of his intentions. I wonder if the Mairies have to submit any applications to a website or if they just have to put up a notice at the mairie?

Ah… I check the notices on the wall in the Mairie, regularly. They are pinned on the wall and avaible for scrutiny.

Get along to the mairie and check things asap… ask them where such info is posted…
and keep a weather eye open at all times. This information might well change as time passes and you don’t want to be caught wrong-footed.

(It came as a shock to find out , many years ago … that they don’t have to advise even the folk next door… )

best of luck

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AFAIK the mairie is not obliged to make public applications and decisions. The only public requirement is to put a board up on your land with details once the work starts….

Many do, but ours doesn’t. They do put up the minutes of the conseil, which sometimes will have an item about a particular case, but nothing more. However they must let you consult the planning register. So we have to pop in and ask from time to time, and if there is something that interests us we are able to see the details.

Wondering are you keen to do this discreetly just generally, or is the concern about this particular neighbour. It sounds a sticky situation to be in especially if you’re unsure that chatting to them regularly is either not feasible or if you’re doubtful they would share any thoughts or plans even with friendly relations.

My neighbour did very extensive (and intrusive at the time of doing them) works out of the blue, had stopped speaking to all but one (a remoter) neighbour 6-9 months before, and did not display any notice at the time the works were done (they disappeared during the works).

I’ve got a feeling that even where a notice of some sort is required to be made, it doesn’t actually have to be made ‘that’ locally.

Phew… had to dash to the Mairie for something else and just got back before the rain starts yet again. I asked this question while I had the chance…

They say: All Application for planning/transfer/change of use/sale of agricultural land etc… (that sort of stuff)
does have to be publicly displayed in the Mairie
as well as all Decisions subsequently reached…

It is up to the Individual (Joe Public) to check regularly and thus be aware of what is on the go…

What’s the definition of publicly displayed I wonder? There is a book in the secretary’s office you can ask to look at…… no notice boards.

aha… sounds like another question to be asked… :+1:

In our case… there is a large indoor notice board, which the Public can easily access. It has bundled papers pinned onto it… hanging by a corner. Each bundle seems to relate to a different aspect.
eg: One bundle is for Planning applications: not in great detail merely a one-page resumé for each, which identifies the property and when/what sort of Planning is being sought…
Joe Public can flick through the bundle and check out Applications/Permissions/Rejections…

Since covid… they have tried to space the pages, to reduce handling, but there are so many that it’s not easy. However, everyone dousing themselves with gel on arrival is helping to keep things germ free.

Of course, there are the enormous outside “glazed” noticeboards on which Minutes of Council Meetings, Notices of Marriages, possible water/electric disruption, AGM’s of local Associations, Bonfire Restrictions, details/dates of the Chasse etc etc are pegged.

In the early days, I used to try and read my way through the outside notices… as a way of learning French… flicking through my dictionary and not always coming up with the answers :rofl: :rofl:

Here in the Clunysois we had a board outside our property with the relevant information .
The same with our neighbours when they started work on renovating their fermette.

Ah yes, Jane… I suspect you are talking about the “Notice of Works” (for want of a better phrase). This is displayed on the Site, after the Application has been approved… when work starts/is about to start.

The Mairie displays the official “notice” ( A4 sheet of paper) identifying the Plot/the Person and outlining the Application being made, and later the “Result” of said Application.

Thus anyone can look and see … the “what” and the “where” without having to drive hither and thither across the commune, peering to see if there are any Notices about the place… :+1:

Also by having the official notifications at the Mairie, the Mairie does its duty of notifying the Public. (again, this is how it has been explained to me by the Secretaire)

(EDIT: I think the Secretaire was bemused by my talking about what happens in UK… )

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The system might work in theory but!
We bought our current home as a wreck in 2010 from a local farmer who retained adjoining land.
I submitted detailed plans of the renovation the day after we completed the purchase as our farmer neighbour was good enough to let me do all the survey work once the compromis was signed.
We had already spoken with our Marie who had agreed to our proposals.
2 years later all the work was complete including a 3.5 metre wall along the boundary that divided us from our farmer neighbour, the wall was the rear wall of our log store.
I later called at our Mairie for something or other and was advised that our farmer neighbour had reported me for building the wall too high!!
The plans were produced from the archives and discussion ensued re the height of the wall. I pointed to the note on the plans that stated the wall would be 4 metres high but had actually finished up at 3.5 metres.
Our Maire gave me a knowing smile, picked up the phone and had what sounded like a heated discussion with our farmer neighbour after which he said all is well, he admits that he didnt look at your proposals when you submitted them!!

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Wonderful @JohnBoy

He didn’t look at the proposals you submitted… !!!

This is why I advise folk to keep an eye on the Applications… no use moaning after the event. :roll_eyes:

(Brits might expect to be notified of a neighbour’s Plans/Intentions … wrong!)

EDIT: the fact that the farmer sold you a “ruin” and then didn’t bother to check out the Application, almost beggars belief. How stupid of him… when he must have known you were going to be doing “something”…


I’d be more concerned about the fact that he’d complained to the mairie without even speaking to me if he thought there was a problem.

But perhaps that’s an English expectation that’s out of place here.

Yes. That’s quite common.

There is also no equivalent of a bad neighbour application where you have to be consulted on the plans.