Planning consultant/Architect - ideally English speaking in Vienne/Haute Vienne

We've recently purchased a property on the Vienne/HauteVienne border and would like to construct a house there. Whilst I know roughly the rules of where you can and can't build, I'd like to talk to a 'Planning Consultant' if there is such a thing in France or failing that a local(ish) architect who can advise us. I'm meeting with the Marie in the next couple of weeks to start discussing CU, but would ideally like some additional info/help before then.

ALL recommendations welcome!

Thank you

my husband is a british architect, with 10 years experience of working in France

please feel free to call for advice

tel 0545917390;

Hi Jenny, we employed the services of Jérome Viroulaud at Chabanais and have been very pleased that we did. He speaks English (although he's a bit shy about it) but he steered us through the planning requirements for our ruin on the 87/16 border, and through the hassles we, and others, had with Batiments de France.

After a short consultation period with us, he drew up plans (he had some good ideas for the renovations and extension we required), then presented our dossiers after consultations with the DDT and ABdF.

I can highly recommend him.

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Good morning Jenny,

My husband can help with your plans/permissions. or telephone 0555807283.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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Hi Kathlleen

we have a house in la Creuse and wanting to make some changes. Does your husband work in this departement?

My email is

Many thanks

We too used Jérome Viroulaud at Chabanais and found him to be excellent and extremely professional to deal with - and not that expensive either - for our new build.

I’d highly recommend him and indeed have done so previously.

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