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His all

We bought our house in the Chartreuse just over a year ago and have been busy on internal renovations. We are at the stage where we want to start on the visible external work. This will be in 2 phases the second being a large glass enclosure for our veranda to create a living room with a view to die for. That will be much later but first we want to add some Velux roof windows on the back side of the house to get light in. Can anyone advise how to approach The Marie on this as I presume this will be a realitively simple procedure with standard foms etc.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Andy…

It is simple… you go to your Mairie (to introduce yourself if not already done so)… then you explain exactly what you want to do…

The folk at your Mairie are there to serve the Public (ie you)… and you will find them very helpful…

There are 2 types of Planning document packages…the Mairie will talk you through whichever one you need to complete, as well as explain what photos/drawings (or whatever) you need to provide them with.

For the velux you will probably need the Déclaration Préalable… for the Verandah (sun room) you will probably need the other one…Permis de Construire.

As I say… take yourself along and talk things through…

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Thanks Stella

Let me know how you get on…

I’m taking a couple of new residents through the process on Friday…:innocent:

As Stella says get yourself down to your local Marie. It will depend on your Marie and your location as far as the veluxes are concerned. We have some at the rear of our property which are literally not visable to anyone and we were told to just go ahead and fit them - no need for paperwork. We just took along a drawing and a photo showing where the proposed veluxes where going to be sited. (Which they have kept on file.) After a quick visit by the Marie, to check they couldn’t be seen, all was sorted. With other properties we have had, it has been a case of filling in a simple form and submitting it to the Marie along with a photo and drawing showing sizes etc.

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The procedure is simple and most Maries are very helpful. I must stress though that please when you find and buy the house of your dreams do go to visit the Marie and introduce yourself as soon as possible. This is considered good manners and will stand you in good stead for the future. The Mayor is a powerful figure here (as is his secretary) and a good word from him about the polite British will ease the way with neighbors and will open up the local community. Don’t worry if your French is a little shaky, smiles, gestculations and laughter go a long way ! :sunny:


Hi Andy & All,

You may go to Marie (the Holy Mother) but it could be more efficient to go to the mairie. It may take less time and I am not sure you need a miracle to add a Velux.

Kind regards,


:blush: :sob:

Will do we will be down there in 2 weeks for the May Holiday I will try and book an appointment with the Mairie then.

Thanks for the spelling tip (I operate in 3 languages English Welsh and Dutch and with a 4th new one thrown in of French my Phones autocorrelation goes into a tailspin)

We spent a happy and constructive morning at the Mairie today…

Seems my folk needed the next step up… Permis de Construire… but as they were armed with photos, plans (albeit home-made) and other info… it didn’t take long to get the paperwork completed. Our lovely Secretaire undertook to make the 4 copies required by Law…and issued my folk with a Receipt for their Dossier.

Then I introduced them to the Mayor… who invited them for aperos on Sunday at the Bar…

Life is great…:slight_smile:

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As promised I’d report back.

As we are down here for the dutch spring break, my son and I met the Mairie today and discussed our phase 1, 2 and 3 plans for our house in the Chartreuse. As suggested only a Declaration Preable was needed for the 10 Velux and he nicely talked us through the form. Phase 2 and 3 got a nod of approval but they will be a few years off yet. He even offered to help us claim the subsidy for insulating the interior of the house.
Also told us the road to the house we don’t own is ours really so we have to foot the repair bill.we sort of knew that anyway so was no great surprise.

So thanks Stella et al

Glad it worked well for you Andy…

Your good review will hopefully encourage others to approach their Mairie as and when the need arises…:smiley:

So the approval came through for the 10 Velux windows for our house in The Chartreuse. Typical local authority language which translates to “There was no reason to say no” Which did make me smile . I have lived in 5 different countries and all the local authorities do seem to use a structure of their language that is somewhat different to the locals daily use of it.

Anyway thanks to this team for the tips and advice.


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