Plans for Summer

I was sitting here today, looking out the window at the wonderful weather we're having (still too early in the morning and a bit too chilly to go outside just yet) and I was thinking about, well, none other than summer plans! My husband and a cousin of his will be adding on a dining room to the house. On my part, I'm going to meet my sister in Dublin before she come out to stay for about a week. Then my mother and grandmother are planning to come stay with us for the month of August, allowing them to have fun with the grandson/great grandson that they never get to see. It'll be a busy summer (need to do a bit or lesson preparation too) and I'm so thankful for that and for the chance to see my family before heading back to school in the fall.

What are your plans? Are you heading back to the states? Sticking around France? Whatever your plans may be, I wish you the best!

We are enjoying summer near Avignon and plan to go see the Lumiere art show at Les Baux tomorrow, Pont du Gard and river was last week. And now I also finally have the time to relax and read all these great posts from fellow Americans!

Katherine, would love to hear if ended up finding a nice/reasonable family place in Amalfi as we are planning taking my girls and parents there soon.

Hope everyone is in full swing of a wonderfully "FAR NIENTE" summer :)

Beth in the South

We have taken some vacations, a week in April in Turkey and Greece and on May 1st i left for Illinois, spent 21 days between Illinois and Missouri went to University graduation of my grandson Tommy in Bloomington Illinois and High School graduation of my grand daughter Rachel in Missouri, also did a lot of shopping, I came back this past Wednesday not too tired from all the different flights. We have a few visitors expected later in the year.

I hope warmer days arrive soon so you can all enjoy your summer.

We are off to Scotland for a month next week to visit family and friends (first time back there since 2006). This will be the maiden voyage of our new to us RV (we are former boaters), enjoying driving on the wrong side and being directed down tiny and tinnier roads in a circuitous route by our 'what a sense of humor I have' Garmin GPS! We have friends from Canada, arriving in July, we have not seen in 10+ years, then USA friends in Sept. This is only our 2nd summer in France and are happy friends are making the effort to come here. Hope y'all have a great summer - if it every arrives - in this magnificent country!

Trying to plan a trip back to the States (Pittsburgh area, never been there!) for August with the family to see my best friend & her kids. We are also trying to organize a trip to the Amalfi Coast in August with Grandma who is coming for a visit from Canada.

I'm always shocked at how much time and effort it takes to plan a trip like this, certainly much more now that we have a little one! However, it is much easier now that she is three compared to when she was a baby!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer!