Plant id please

(Teresa Ewart) #1

friends came to stay in spring and pointed to baby sunflower plants saying ‘wow, the potatoes look amazing!’… i’m throwing myself headfirst into their world now…

what’s this please?

merci, teresa townie

La Maison Verdigris

(Hilary Newhall) #2

Sorghum/ Millet :slight_smile:

(Teresa Ewart) #3

um, looking online now - it looks like red millet - a-maze-ing, thanks one and all, now just have to find out why they’re growing it around my way (81 tarn, near Revel)

(Vin Collins) #4

I allways thought that was Millet !!!

(Deb Whittaker) #5

Its sorghum. Some of it got into my (Parisian suburban) garden & the birds are in heaven.

(Jacqueline Brown) #6

I think millet too.