Plant (weed?) identification, please?

Hi Everyone,

A couple of these have popped up in my garden suddenly this year and are growing at an alarming rate.

I'm assuming they are a weed but curiosity has got the better of me and I have failed in trying to identify it.

Can anyone enlighten me (and let me know if I should be whipping them out very quickly)? I'm already fighting the Japanese knotweed....

Thanks all,


It's a Euphorbia - possibly ceratocarpa - sort of semi-weed, has unremarkable yellow flowers .

You can spend money buying it from nurseries, but others will pull it out as it arrived in their garden all by itself.


Definitely euophorbia. There are several plant identifications apps which might be useful to those of you who aren't good on identification. And two really good FB groups for gardeners. Gardeners in France and Gardening in France Together whose members are great on identification also

Thank you both!

It is Euphorbia Lathyris (also called mole herb in French because it is reputed to keep them away).

That's exactly the one, Véronique. It is quite distinctive in appearance from the other Euphorbias.

Will try the branches in the mole gallery tip that I have found on the internet, as our lawn has been decimated these last few years!

Thanks again