Play pen

This should probably go in classifieds???? But I dont know how many people read the wanted ads!

I need to beg/borrow/ buy a playpen , I need it for a week but am happy to buy and keep it for all the forthcoming visits. So if you have one lurking that you dont need dont use use sometimes which I could use please let me know, baby is here the first week in April. Thanks!

OH dear I am becoming completely dippy!! Will give the site a try and we are in 24 Montpon.

Perhaps mention where you are, how far you will travel to collect it? Or try this and others like it

Thanks Tracey, I was wondering if I could borrow/rent as we only need it for a week......!

Annie, you can pick them up really cheap in most major supermarkets, failing that look on BonCoin - parc bébé.