Anyone used them?

Hi, I wondered if anyone had used and if they had any feedback they could offer? It seems like a good service but just wanted to see how anyone else had found them before I commit to 12 month contract?

Rebecca… please put your full name… it is a requirement of the Forum… we are friendly folk and like to know with whom we are chatting… :blush:

Personally, I cannot see why anyone would pay a company…but that is just me and my life is uncomplicated. :blush:

They seem to cover all the angles on getting set up in France… (which, admittedly, can be a nightmare)… so definitely worth having a good chat with them in any case.

As always, I suggest you read their Terms and Conditions very thoroughly…before making a decision.

Good luck.

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…a good idea, always, to thoroughly research reviews …interested, I checked google and there are very few, but the most recent looks like a very dissatisfied customer.…0…1.M5YR6QQf0R4#fpstate=uep_lurev_0x4800247dabf15f57:0xf1d4e682491640c&ip=1

Have you really looked?
We have been going 6 years and dealt with over 5000 requests with 0 bad reviews

John? I would always make a similar comment .to anyone, everyone, …looking for advice…
…do research on your own behalf. Using trusted resources. I wouldn’t ask anyone from the company I was researching, to tell me how reliable they are. Unless it was written into the agreement, depending on how important the deal was.
That result is 17 days old. So no longer relevant. Well done if you’ve managed to make 5000 people happy! Sounds good to me.

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Thanks for the reply. The only two bad comments though are from husband and wife. Bearing in mind that on sfn we’re already known and have positive feedback I am still a little surprised at your answer. Always good to ask questions and do research but I know we don’t always have the time

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People who know each other on forums, may not know very much, but I don’t know you at all, so cannot say a word for or against! I research things, if information is available.

Hi there, I am using John Dislins now and Please Help. I’d be happy to offer my review once my business with him is concluded. Then I can provide an open and honest review, and happy to use my real name as well. :slight_smile:

Hi Leia and welcome to the forum.

Are you new to France??

It is always useful to have feedback… of personal experiences.


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I would NOT recommend John Dislins / Please Help.

Contacted them a year ago concerning:

  • Carte Vitales;
  • top-up health insurance;
  • registering with an English speaking doctor and dentist;
  • registering with the tax authorities;
  • importing and insuring our car;
  • obtaining some sort of official residency document;
  • exchanging our driving licences.

Took over 2 weeks to get back to me - and that only after numerous phone calls.

The quote for the health insurance was extremely high - found a better deal myself with Swiss Life who were 100 euros a month cheaper.

Fortunately using Google and vasts amount of useful information found on THIS forum, I was able to easily sort out all our requirements myself (except for the driving licences).

Hi Leia. I would be interested in your review. my family are planning on moving to france before the end of the year and would really like an honest and helpful organisation to help us with the move. trying to get accommodation sorted has been a major headache for us :cold_sweat:

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Though I have been trying to contact since early December last year, not heard back till now. I spoke with a Tina and also on another occasion, Sam F. they both said john or Paul will call me back.
still waiting for call back

If anyone is in need of a competent, reliable, reasonably priced, PROFESSIONAL service I recommend you contact @Christi_Bishop_Verge
She is a good friend and colleague, hugely efficient and is an accredited court translator/ interpreter. James and I highly recommend her.


Hello Leia, I am planning on using John Dislins service and wondered how you found the relocation? I read a couple of bad reviews, and any feedback you could give would be much appreicated!


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Hello Rebecca, I am currently wondering about whether to use John Dislins for a relocation to France. Who did you end up going with, and is it someone you would recommend?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Catherine,
I wondered if you could provide the email address for Christi Bishop. I am looking for a relocation service to France. Thankyou in advance!

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Hi Rachael!

Please Help has been absolutely essential to my ability to live and work in France. They really are wizards, and employ some wonderful men and women whom you will work with. That said, John Dislins (also a wizard and really friendly and easy to chat with) simply does not answer emails, or if he does, very sporadically. :slight_smile: I think it’s just a thing he has. He seems to read them, based on later conversations, and he has an extraordinary memory. Word to the wise: more emails saying, please, answer my emails never work. At one point, very early on well over a year ago now, I was almost convinced the company was a scam, so awful was his email response rate. You have to call him on the phone to follow up on your emails, and then he is incredibly responsive. So, just a little hint. :slight_smile: Paul Muxlow is wonderful too, and has connections that are invaluable. He is much better on the email front. My advice would be, absolutely use Please Help, but prepare for some periods of non-communication and seeming inactivity. (I want to be clear that these periods of silence I’m referring to were not during COVID. During COVID the whole company shut up entirely and didn’t respond to anything at all, which they told us was the law. I don’t know whether that’s true.)
So, all in all, they are incredibly effective. I’m told there are other companies out there who also do a good job, but Please Help seems the most sophisticated. (Final note: I should also add here that I’m a New Yorker so it’s possible my pushy-culture makes me more aggressive and antsy about not getting responses… )

Hi again, I think that a smaller company or individual might be better for you, as long as they do all the things you need. I’ve just been reading other reviews on Please Help and the consensus is their response time is incredibly bad. That’s so unfortunate because they really are experts at what they do. I wonder what the problem is?

Hello Leia

Thankyou so much for your quick feedback. Im pretty desperate to start the process for my sister to permanently move to France and realise that it is now mid November and she needs to be able to prove residency by December 31st!

It sounds like you had great service with the company but I was a bit nervous as there were some bad reviews on the site.

My sister lives in the UK but plans to move to France to live in my house (which I purchased in May) around mid December. Im nervous at signing up for a package for 12 months for 3000 euros when there are some bad reviews out there. :frowning:

I live in Chicago by the way :slight_smile:

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Are there any other companies you are aware of that offer similar services? I just want to be sure the advice I am getting is the best way forward.

Kind Regards,