Plumber wanted in Manche - URGENT!

Evening all - I’m posting on behalf of my dad. / parents.
They are in Normandy, close to Avranches and need a plumber to sort out a leaking gas bottle as they have no hot water ASAP.
If you are one / know of one, please message me and I will put you in touch.
Thank you!

I have a friend who lives about 30km away so have asked if she knows a plumber who could help.

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She has phoned and left a message for the plumber - will get back to me asap.

sorry, the only plumber she knows cant do anything! good luck Wendy

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I don’t understand ‘gas bottle’, Cat. Is that the kind of butane/propane bottles you can get from many supermarkets and garages? Or is it something much bigger.

I’m asking out of concern for your folks.

And if it’s big, and leaking flammable gas, shouldn’t the sapeurs-pompiers be called to deal with it?

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Thanks so much for trying ! I’m just waiting to hear back if he has had any joy because all his usual contacts are on holiday and it is privy tricky to find anyone who can come! Thanks again xx

Thanks for the concern - it’s not the bottle per se - me not being clear - my dad has changed the hose thinking it was that but problem is somewhere else and beyond his DIY plumbing capabilities!

All now sorted !


No problem, thats what life and this site is all about isnt it?


Thanks for letting me know. It was nagging me because we don’t live that far from Avranches and I know those gas bottles can be a nightmare, ours lives under the sink and while it gives no problems in between changes it is a struggle to change and quite beyond my wife, although she rises to the most dreadful challenges without flinching, and won’t normally be bested!

Glad it’s in the way to being sorted. It’s awful having no hot water. We brought from UK one of those big electric catering size tea-urns with a tap, for emergencies, and a lot of French visitors think it’s fantastic and full of ready-to-drink round-the-clock coffee!

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