Plumbing question

Our water pressure appears to have changed recently and we now have banging pipes in one of our Gites whenever someone on site turns a tap on. Back in Blighty one can buy a thing called a "Water Hammer arrester" or anti hammer device. Does anyone know what they might be called here and if so where can you buy one. I have tried all the local Bricomarche type places TNA
Any advice would be most welcome.

Thanks James. Alas I had tried that. But I have finally found the fault!

Having put an anti Bélier in circuit (and snapped the tap off hot water tank isolation valve in the process) The noise was still there!!! The noise was loudest near the shower so I removed the taps and replaced the rubber washers with fibre ones and this has cured it! Hooray!!!! That only leaves the drying out of the attic which in this heat shouldn't take too long.

I love plumbing!! not...

You could try closing your supply tap slightly to reduce pressure.

Good luck!

Thanks Julian,

That looks like exactly the thing I need!

Hopefully we won't have any more children complaining about Ghosts in the ceiling also ;-)