PM and his cabinet to resign?

Stranger things could happen.
There are many SF members who either by themselves or by supporting newspaper articles are convinced that they have the answer on how better to run the UK. Of course there are many people beyond this narrow band who may well be the ideal candidate for running the UK.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn the UK into a world beating global Britain surely the answer to achieve this aim lies somewhere in the thoughts of many armchair political wannabes.
Who would you nominate?

Martin Lewis

He certainly does his homework and seems to know what he is talking about and well liked by many as a champion of cutting through the crap.

James O’brien


Malala Yousafzai

@JohnBoy :rofl: :rofl: you got me going for a minute… can you put a… ? … on your title please… I thought it was a statement of fact… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

General Sir Michael Jackson.

That was the intention!
Done as requested.

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I nearly choked on my hot chocolate… you rotter… :rofl: :rofl:

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Javid in full bullshit mode :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sajid Javid defends Plan B rule changes amid No 10 party row


The hood (Thunderbirds era) aka savage jabit is always in full bullshit mode along with a selection of others. Waffle on about things they know SFA about. Unfortunately the other side of the Isle is no better.

I am always impressed by Rory Stewart.
If Labour get a chance I have a lot of confidence in Starmer.
As for a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn the UK into a world beating global Britain - well we need to start by rejoining the EU. Not a chance in hell without unless we are prepared to abandon heath, employment, food and social welfare standards.


Just what the U.K. needs, another rich ex-ambulance chasing lawyer in a position of power.

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He’s right in one thing, the move to Plan B was to buy time. Not, however, against Omicron but against Partygate.

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Who is this?

Absolutely - he stood during the last leadership election - things could be so very différent now.

Even my wife has now come around to him.

My wife has also suggested Hugh Grant (he has had a short stint as PM - evidence will be on TV shortly as it is at this time of year every year)

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He means Starmer who used to be a barrister and the DPP.

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Starmer. Big mates with Phoney Tony’s OH, SlotGob.

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bucket list…save UK from any more Tory pain, Go away Boris baby and all…

I would prefer getting on with the neighbours!

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