Pointless advertising phrases

I was looking at some adverts on another site & was reminded, yet again, that people can put some pointless phrases in the advert & wonder why they bother?

Readvertised due to timewasters.
What does this mean? “I’m selling something at far too high a price”. “I described it as good as new but it is actually well worn”. “It’s not blue. It was, but the sun has faded it to pink”. “This item is not compatible with European systems” - the reasons why someone may have taken the trouble to come & look (in their own time) & chose not to buy are varied & often are more inconvenient to the potential buyer. You might not like it but a potential buyer has the right to look & not buy & readvertising, adding this phrase, does not make the item more interesting, in fact, I just assume it is a spiteful addition.

“Must be reliable”
Usually in a Wanted advert for a cheap car. Who is going to want an UNreliable car? Unfortunately I was not blessed with a “third eye” so cannot predict the future. I would not sell a car that I would not be happy to own myself & I check all the obvious items to make sure there are no obvious faults. The requirement for cars to be sold with a recent CT test is actually a very good idea as it protects both the seller & buyer, giving both an independent view of a car’s overall condition which helps a buyer decide whether to buy.

“Vendu en etat”
Sold as seen. When it concerns cars this has no legal standing here & shouts “no chance of putting it on the road”. If it has no recent CT test (pass or fail) within their respective time periods it is not possible for the seller to notify ANTS of the sale to a private buyer or for the buyer to register ANTS of their new purchase without lots of extra paperwork.

Also in car adverts - blocking off the registration number in photos. What is the point? Some people think that it is some kind of protection against having a car cloned. Spoiler alert - go to any car park & you will find lots of cars with their number plates in plain view. Not only that, on many modern cars the matching VIN is readily readable through the windscreen! A much better source for a clone.

I am sure there are lots of phrases that do nothing to encourage a potential buyer. Other examples welcome.


I really wanted a “chuckle” rather than the heart… :rofl:

In the UK the car registration can be used to check MoT history . I believe a more restricted version exists in France?

It’s called Histovec & is in fact much more detailed that the UK MOT check.


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