Poissons d'avril

Not exactly a one liner…


ID Mobile have some cheesy ‘facetime type’ programme sponsor ads out at the mo, unfortunately stick in one’s nut -

What did you get Mum for her birthday Dad? I got her a fridge, I can’t wait to see her face light up when she opens it…

I got Dad a gluestick instead of a chapstick - he hasn’t said a word to me since!..

I’ve been to the hospital for some orthopaedic shoes - I didn’t think they’d work, but I stand corrected…

That’s enough one liner jokes… Ed."

The problem with April Fool’s, at least as far as online content is concerned, is that even the wilder spoofs and jokes are indistinguishable from the whackier, but totally serious, posts of the loons and conspiracy theorists that inhabit the net.

It quite takes the fun out of it :slight_smile: