Police extend hunt for Barcelona attack suspect across Europe

This article is interesting… and a bit confusing.

Even with so many of our eyes glued to our smart phones when before their advent we might have been observing and noticing our surroundings more and noticing people around us, etc… It seems impossible to elude so many checkpoints. Technology is a blessing and a curse. No?

And then there’re the two bodies of the 14, as yet unidentified.

And then there’s the statement below his photo that says he is ‘dead’. Why was this included in the article, which is ostensibly about tracking someone whom the article’s author presumes still alive?

Anyone have any thoughts…?

I heard on the BBC that they are looking especially in France.

Hi Mary… the article is from 2017… perhaps the photos have been updated since… just wondering… :thinking:

Makes sense, thanks for seeing that. I hadn’t noticed, but should have. So, missed at checkpoints and yet somehow he’s eluded them.