Policy paper on rights of UK nationals in EU

Can’t remember which thread had the brexit official papers. This was released today…nothing really new but sets out the healthcare conundrum.

I can’t get my head round the point of this document.
It seems to be waffling on about transition periods for no deal, I thought that it had been made clear that there would be no transition if there is no deal. Either there is a deal to transition to, or there isn’t.
Does the UK not realise that other countries of the 27 have made unilateral arrangements on how to look after their resident Brits, and some like France have already passed legislation? Talking about reciprocity now, when the others have already decided what they’re doing, seems pointless. And isn’t 5 working days before a potential no deal ridiculously late to still be at policy paper stage?
Baffling how the UK claimed to loathe having to keep in step with the EU, and now that it doesn’t have to, it wants to.

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It’s a poor and confusing choice of language but one needs to differentiate between “A transition period” in relation to Social Security rights (including healthcare), and “THE transition period” as defined in the “Withdrawal Agreement”. In a ‘No deal’ scenario “THE transition period” will not come into play because, as you say, there will be no deal to transition to.
However, in a ‘No deal’ scenario, there will still be “A transition period” until the end of 2020 which will protect Social Security (including healthcare) rights ONLY.
Thus the UK Govt will protect healthcare rights for all UK citizens in ALL EU countries until the end of 2020 in the event of a ‘No deal’ scenario.
Fortunately the French Govt has gone a step further than this by stating that UK citizens will be able to continue under their current Carte Vitale situation for at least 2 years following the UKs exit from the EU.
I hope this helps to ease any concerns you may have.