Political Satirist (Tom Walker) aka Jonathan Pie

Its an old interview (2019) but interesting still nonetheless, particularly as I often post his offerings about current affairs.
Quite a character giving his raison d’etre for political satire and why he does what he does in the way he does it.
The interviewer is uncommonly brilliant too… should be more like her!


His best work IMO is “Trump takes the White House” where he spells out why Clinton lost along with why the liberal left are the cause of right wing populist leaders the world over.

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Well it is the usual problem with democracy and fairness and allowing people to express their opinions and preferences, those who do aren’t always nice or clever or reasonable; frequently they are tosspots.


He’s right about the death of debate. If you have an opinion which doesn’t match that of others, no-one is going to enter into a debate with you in an attempt to get you to re-think your position.

You’ll just get called thick/uninformed*/racist/sexist and shut down.

  • Who actually is trusted as an unbiased source of information these days anyway?

I feel that all over the world open debate may be suffering because in this everyone-can-have-a-go age, people engage without having relevant details nor do they see fit to speak respectfully when expressing their views. It does put others off.

The key is to not be afraid, not feel that criticism of views is a critique of character. Present what you think, as clearly and in respectful language. Then be open to listening to the views of others, and even, possibly, changing your mind!

Thing is, in debate, which can become quite fast and exciting repartee, people should, even while cloaked in anonymity online, conduct themselves to “provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation” and “criticize ideas, not people”, as so succinctly put in the SF Faqs.

As for finding unbiased sources of information, this is difficult. All writing is biased to some degree, and sorting the wheat from the chaff is almost a full time job.

Total objectivity is very hard because we tend to follow sources that present ideas with which we already agree. This can lead to myopia at best and at worst, extremism, as we’ve seen in Russia, recent US ‘MAGA’ events and not to forget, the Isis online network.

Searching through the chatter for truth is hard but there are research techniques like reading multiple reports on the same single event and comparing them. Think of it as an intellectual hunt! Eventually, certain sources will ring more ‘true’ and others will clearly have an repeating agenda. Jingoism is currently ice cream of the year.

Happy searching!

P.S. apologies @vero for my liberally peppered commas. I have punctuation Tourettes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No need to apologise to me, I’m hardly the punctuation police :grin: