Politics Johnson vowed to strengthen parliament. Yet he and Cummings are silencing it

Johnson vowed to strengthen parliament. Yet he and Cummings are silencing it!

“We are witnessing nothing less than an attempt to overturn Britain’s established system of representative democracy”

A Blatant attck on Parliamentary democracy in the UK

Unless you agree with Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings attempts to undermine the democratic process in our home country this cannot be ignored!

The world’s shortest Blog! :grinning:

I neither agree with what is credibly represented as a two-man coup to usurp parliament, nor am I disposed to ignore it.

I was neither surprised nor shocked at the sudden announcement of the new over-arching Institute of Public Health Protection, announced with rising intonation and his best attempt at a krypton-frazzling glare and raised “Hear ye!” forefinger by Secretary Hancock. But I did think, ‘Err, where did that come from?’

The question is, what’s to be done about it except glumly read Martin Kettle’s lament again and nod sadly? Any ideas of your own, Grahame ? :thinking::bulb:

Sadly it is too late, parliament is already silenced on anything of importance.


Not only Parliament, Liz Truss is not playing by the rules and speaking with the extreme right re Trade Talks and then claiming it is personal.

When a government has a parliamentary majority of 87 they can bulldoze whatever they wish through the various processes regardless of opposition objections. Sort of makes the whole parliamentary debating thing rather pointless other than as a platform for the opposition.

When there is such a large majority, the party of government effectively becomes an elected dictatorship. Perhaps a change to some form of proportional representation would reduce the chances of any one party having such a large majority, and thus make parliamentary debate more meaningful.


True but this lot are not bothering with even the pretence of following parliamentary procedure half the time.

Admittedly, as with Captain Jack Sparrow, one wonders sometimes if it is all part of a plan or if they just make it up as they go along but one can’t help thinking that trashing the economy so that they could invoke emergency procedures to further limit scrutiny was the game plan all along, it would certainly fit with their modus operandi.

Covid has just let them do that a bit earlier than they otherwise would have been able to.

Somehow I doubt that trashing the economy was ever the intent, bearing in mind how so many of our politicians are also heavily involved in commerce and industry.
What is of paramount importance is stopping the NHS from being over-run as the long term political damage from allowing that to happen on their watch would be immense.


Well I suppose that every cloud has a silver lining for someone.

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