Pool alarm law help

does anyone know if the SAFETY TURTLE alarm system complies with French regs? we're guardians of a chateau and out pool alarm battery has died... i think this looks like the perfect system for us as we rarely have children here - and maybe only 1 or 2 at a time at most

i posted this in the swimming pool section but i think everyone's swimming down here! (35 in provence today)

thanks Karen - yes, i agree, a fence, gate and 24/7 parental supervision is the best way!

but we not in that world... our previous alarm where you had to stick a magnetic key on it made our guests and neighbours insane - and like you said they would take it out. now after a year the battery is dead and it's an enclosed system where it says your warranty is void if you open it !!!

so. the owners of the place we work at would not put in a fence and in theory it's not child friendly (tons of steps, ponds and provencal basins all over the place...

i think i just need to provide something for the one week this year when some people will pitch up with a crazy roaming toddler

x teresa

I don;t know......all I know is that pretty much the only thing that works is a barrier (fence) and a locked gate....other pool alarm systems are crap because the battery dies or guests take the battery out cos it pees them off at night...too many toddlers have died in unsecured pools........