Pool covers

We have inherited an in-ground pool which whilst not large is an odd shape. Sort of a bent heart-shape. It came with a cover which doesn't really keep out the dust and leaves over the winter. Can anyone recommend a good winter cover for this odd shape - and a summer one please. (Our funds are far from limitless so a reasonable price is essential).

Hi John...I replied to the above question about repairing pool covers ages ago, but now I've suddenly realised that summer's almost over and it'll soon be time for the winter cover to go on.....and I've still done NOTHING about repairing that hole! I notice you said that if we lived nearby it might be possible for it to be repaired by you. We are in Le Dorat (87)....is that an area you might considering travelling to to do a repair, or even better, could we bring it to you? Thanks.

Hi Shona, it should be possible to repair your cover, the guys who do heat welding of pool liners or even the roofing guys who do the same. I have heat welding equipment too but France is so large that if your are not nearby (37/86) it probably wouldn't be cost effective. Finding a patch of material that matches the cover may mean a visit to a pool shop for an off cut but is should be possible.

Hi John ....I was wondering whether you repair pool covers. We have a 10x5m pool which has a winter cover much the same as you described, but unfortunately has a rip in it near the drainage hole, which was previously repaired with gaffer tape. Can it be professionally repaired? We don't really want to go to the expense of buying a new one, as ,apart from that hole it's in good condition. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi Diana, I was just passing when I saw your post. can you email me a sketch with dimensions please. If we get the cover wrong it leads to embarrassment and I would rather get it right. recently a customer sent a drawing for a Geobubble cover 1m too small, fortunately an email they sent earlier gave the different size so when I queried it the error was spotted


Yes, I forgot to say that we have Roman steps, otherwise no unusual features. We do have a 'baby pool' but can empty that for the winter.

Many thanks, diana

Hi Diana,

It would be normal for a winter cover to be around 1m larger in both directions so it covers the margelles nicely. Are there any additions such as a roman end etc or unusual features. A photo and some dimensions would be useful you can email me if you like.


Hi John, we have only recently installed a heater in our pool and got a summer cover. We really need a winter cover. Our pool is 12 x 6ms. Can you give me an idea of cost for an approved cover, please?


Hi Patricia, because of the quality of the Geobubble cover it's one of the products I feature so can supply subject to you producing a good and accurate sketch with dimensions. Roughly where are you in france?

For a winter cover, I would sugest one that meets the AFNOR approved NF P90 308. These would generally have high quality tentionable straps which if you have raised margelles should pull down and prevent leaves getting in. They would normally have a panel which allows water to drain into the pool but which stops larger dirt getting in. Some dust and dirt will inevitably get through though.

Thanks for that. i will search out the Geobubble. Do you have any suggestions for winter cover the one we have doesn't seem to keep out dust and leaves (of which we have many in the winter)?

Hi Patricia, and welcome, would that be a kidney shaped pool? Covers for odd shapes have always been a little tricky. I would suggest you go for a slighty larger oval or rectangle for the winter cover, its coverage you want not neccessarily a tailored fit. For summer a bubble cover will give some protection from water evaporation. Clear not coloured summer cover will give you the greatest solar warming of the pool. The best bubble cover for longevity is the Geobubble, its unique shaped bubble is far stronger than conventional so you won’t end up with thousands of little plastic discs everywhere. The shape also makes it virtually self cleaning as dirt doesn’t have any corners to hide in.

By all means contact me for more information.