Pool liner split after less than 5 years

Having been here since 2004, we now find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to start a proces verbal with a pool supplier.
The new liner he installed in May 2012 suddenly split (without having been used since September) in April this year. He came to look at it and agreed that it was a fault of the supplier and should not have happened. He promised to get back to us after contacting his fournisseurs.
We’ve heard nothing since! Several emails and calls, with more photos of the widening split and nothing.
OH sent him a strong email, saying that if he continued to ignore us we’d have no choice but to sue, and still nothing.
My question is – what now? We have an assurance juridique, but absolutely no idea how to use it and where to go from here.
There’s no way we can afford to finance a law suit or indeed anything at all, this used up the last of our savings 5 years ago.
The pool (unheated) has gentle use during the summer, just us two, and family for a fortnight once a year. So it’s hardly been treated to extreme conditions.
Any help would be gratefully received.

Hi Celia,

You should contact your “assurance juridique” and explain what happens. They will assess whether it is in your interest to go to court or not. Usually they pay for the law suits but you’ll have to refund them the damages allowed by court.
To contact them (in French I’m afraid) get in touch with the institution that sold this insurance contract (a bank or an insurance company in most cases).
I experienced that and although it lasted 3 years, I received the damages I expected.
Hope it helps.

Thank you Christian, we insure with Axa in Nice because they have an English-speaking department, so hopefully they can help.
I’m glad to hear yours worked out, although 3 years is a long time at our age!

Celia, Axa may have an English speaking department, but you will probably have to deal with the juridique people in French.