Pool pump humming

Today my daughter and partner arrived for a chilled out break and the pool pump has started humming loudly and the motor is getting hot.
As it’s run for 3.5 hours already today and the chlorine is at 3 I’ve made them shower and then let them in the pool.
Any thoughts on what the problem maybe please?
We had a new sand filter in April.

Is the pre filter pot full of water, i.e. is it actually moving water?


Sorry but I keep reading ‘Swimming Pool Humping’ I want to say “Stop it you naughty swimming pool “

Could be and the cause, possibly not pumping water to keep the bearings and motor cool.

And with me mentioning pumping, ooh err

Yes my husband emptied pre filter basket and says there was water. We wondered if there was debris in the impeller . Could be bearings. We replaced capacitor last year but the pump is about 12 years old, we think.
I’m going to sweep the pool to move the chlorine around and tomorrow morning we’ll have a look at the pump.

I’ve just tried turning the pump on to see what happened The noise was dreadful like churning stones and water splashed out of the pump glass through the gasket . Never seen that before.

Just got told off for touching pump as my husband wasnt sure how he had left valves. I hope I haven’t broke the new spider.

Husband has checked glass, tightened everything and not as noisy said he’ll give it 15 mins. Personally i would leave it until chkd impeller.

Churning stones sounds could be cavitation.
Can, after un plugging the pump reach into the impeller to feel for any obstacles

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Or unplugging? In plugging / plugging in is very different to unplugging - just checking for safety.

Auto correct writing what it wants!

Hi the symptoms described are probably one of two things, outlet side blocked or air in pump, both of which will stress the pump, make it run hot and potential to over pressurise the pump itself, which is in line with the information provided. The seal on the pump should now be changed as probably stretched and if pump okay should be good to go.

Right. Impeller fine, no air in pump, no leaks and we don’t think it’s cavitating. My husband says it’s functioning as it should it’s just very noisy and after 3 hours the motor gets hot. Today we ran the pump from 8.15 to 11 whilst i also swept for over half an hour, for extra circulation, and then switched off , will do the same this afternoon and probably source a new pump.
Any suggestions on what pump to look for gratefully received.
I’m also running chlorine a little higher than normal to make up for reduced filtration.

Good idea with the chlorine. It sounds like the bearings are shot, this can be because the seal isn’t otherwise just worn out bearings.
There are service kits available for most pumps but if you are replacing what is the current pump?

Sorry for late response. No obvious name on pump.

Hydroswim HGS

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Twelve years isn’t a bad lifespan for a pump. Ours lasted for 11 before displaying the same symptoms as you seem to have. (Next step is it gets really really noisy and then grinds to a halt.)
Original pump was an ESPA - a Spanish make. Was pretty good…never a moment’s trouble…so I bought another. Depending on size of your pool, abt €300/€400 online.
Incidentally, replacing the original pump, it became apparent that it was way too powerful/overspec’d for an 80,000L pool. Bought a much smaller one still capable of recirculating all the pool water during the 8-hr daily cycle, and it worked brilliantly (and cost less to run).

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