Poor Person's Mutuelle

Bonjour les tous
Just musing.
We visited our local CPAM to apply for the government’s Complementary health care scheme.
I wonder if les gilets jaunes triggered the initiative. Apparently M le President was astonished how many cannot afford Mutuelles.
For reasons I do not understand - hubby thinks it was because at that time I only had a temporary number - I was not eligible to apply but he was, which he did.
He has been accepted which surprised us as we thought we would have to attend a face to face interview.
We wonder whether it includes me. The ever helpful Fabien gave me a tel.no (English speaking) so will try that.
It has taken us a year of back and fore CPAM (who are very friendly) but we finally have our Cartes Vitales so are happy and relieved.
stay safe

Not 100% sure what you are referring to…the PUMA scheme is open to all, and the new complémentaire santé solidaire is for people with little income. It is a replacement for a previous scheme that has been in existence for a long time.

For a couple the threshold for basically free health care is an income below 13,450€ a year for the two of you and you only need to make one application per household. Then there’s a sliding scale up to about 18,000€/year/couple.

But, this threshold is precariously close to threshold needed to show you have adequate resources to get a residence permit - around 10,000€ for a couple. In general France isn’t hugely keen on incomers needing benefits in first 5 years of residence.

I’m sure the current figure wiil be on a recent thread about droit de séjour but as I recall it’s a bit more than that for a couple over 65.

I guess I presumed they were under 65 from her photo! But yes, 16,830€ for inactif couple over 65.

You can check on line . You will have to connect to https://assure.ameli.fr/PortailAS/appmanager/PortailAS/assure?_somtc=true. And open your account. Hope this helps.