Porridge with a side order of Moths anyone?

(Chris Kite) #1

Opened a new packet of Quaker Oats this morning. It came with added extras…
Seen a lot of complaints on USA sites but nothing here.

Anyone else had extra protein arrive in their food?


(Elisabeth Morgan) #2

Not the best start in the morning :scream:
I can’t remember having meat in my cereals, but few days ago, we had a stone in a “pain au raisin”. I first told Bill, no, it’s just a raisin that is drier, but after a good look, 100% mineral !


(Chris Kite) #3

It gets worse…Sue has just taken a video of a larvae crawling around in there🤬
Its an Indian meal moth, I’ve discovered.


(Chris Kite) #4

The packet says 100% natural so they’re kind of right. Here’s the larvae video,


(Peter Goble) #5

So cute! Those little eyes and anxious twitches of the little tail (?)

“Mummy, I can’t see you and I can’t hold on much longer!” “Mummy’s coming, sweetheart, just hold on, I can see you through the plastic, Mummy’s coming!”

Pure Indian Bollycreepycrawlywood.:bug:


(Chris Kite) #6

Won’t look so cute when it’s been in the microwave in the morning…:rice:


(Bill Morgan) #7

Had plenty of weevils in flour in the Caribbean Chris.
But the strangest, (at the time I was a wee innocent, a mere 21), was the freezers on Merchant Ships.
Us Junior Engineers had to check the temps’, in said freezers.
So first time I marched into the freezer compartment, flicked on the light (it’s a big room), immediate thought, funny, everything’s brown, then the brown started to heave, everything was covered in cockroaches!
Quick exit, then after the Senior Engineers had their Laff :roll_eyes: It was hand round the freezer door, light on, give the 'orrors time to rugger off, before I went in, to fill in my log :slightly_smiling_face:


(Helen Wright) #8

Heave…! Can you take the packet back for a refund…??? My Mom in uk keeps worrying about whether I eat enough and keeps suggesting porridge for breakfast…!

This has been going on since 2006 at least…x :smiley:


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(Chris Kite) #9

We’ve had porridge for breakfast this morning…just not from the same packet…oh! what’s that stuck in my throat… :bug:


(Chris Kite) #10

Of course none of this would have happened if Monsanto’s products actually worked…:wink:


(Peter Goble) #11

Ver en croûte, pas mal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Peter Goble) #12

Yukkkkk! Cockroaches are my Room 101 nemesis/horror bags :scream::scream::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


(Chris Kite) #13

We have complained to Quaker.fr and sent them the video and some photos. Expect they’ll just send a voucher for a new packet☹️


(Paul Flinders) #14

It’s really f*****g annoying when you have a complaint regarding an item or company - possibly enough to not wish to use that product or company again and the only “compensation” on offer is a voucher for more of the same. :angry:

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(stella wood) #15

If something is so ghastly that it means you will never be able to use that product or company again… you probably have cause for pursuing the company through the courts… or at least via their Insurance company…

As Chris is happily munching his way through another packet of porridge… it was obviously not that ghastly…


(Elisabeth Morgan) #16

I would complain to the shop you bought it from aswell. They are a bigger customer :wink:

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(Chris Kite) #17

Well I didn’t eat the larvae and I really like porridge for breakfast, so I shall just have to man up and carry on…and apart from that i’m just not that vindictive…

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(Chris Kite) #18

Yes, will be doing that too.


(stella wood) #19

:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: No, you’re one of the good guys… :wink: I hope you do get a voucher … nothing nicer than porridge with a blob of honey… :relaxed:

The packaging will carry information which should enable the supplier to identify “where and when” the factory etc that the porridge came from… it may well be that the problem is already known to exist… on the other hand… your complaint may be the first of many yet to come… whatever, it needs to be highlighted.

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(Bill Morgan) #20

I just couldn’t be bothered, myself, not for a bag of oats.
As Johnson, defined Oats!
“Food for horses and Scotsmen” .
The Dictionary Fella ???