Possibility of reviving an expired planning application

Thanks for letting me join. We have put a house for sale with an agent recently. He is saying a potential buyer is interested if we establish again our planning application for an extension which we never proceeded with. It was made in about 2015 and expired. We told the Mairie we were not doing the extension. What is require to reinstate the application now? We showed the agent the plans but told them they had expired.

Just thinking aloud…

I believe there is a Tax the Applicant pays for an Approved Planning Application… so you might find yourself out of pocket…

If the “potential” buyer simply wants to know of an Application from him/her will be favourably met… he/she can check at the Mairie… and it costs nothing…

thanks for reply.

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I think all you need to do is resubmit the application. There is no charge for planning applications, and I think the taxe d’aménagement is only applied once work is underway.

Taxe d’aménagement is billed one year after planning permission has been granted.

Thanks for that.

Cheers Nigel

The person making the Application will be the person to whom the Bill for the Taxe d’Amenagement will be sent…

Ours wasn’t….well over 2 years! Perhaps another example of a national policy with local flavour!

Ah… yes… it obviously varies… did you have to Pay ???

Yes, it is an expensive tax!

Les montants fixés pour l’année 2021 sont de :

  • 767 € le m² hors ĂŽle-de-France (contre 759 € en 2020) ; (€200/m2 for a swimming pool)
  • 870 € le m² en ĂŽle-de-France (contre 860 € en 2020).

“Yes, it is an expensive tax!”

Well, that’s my opinion, too… which is why I really cannot see any reason for the Seller to be stuck with paying for it…

and… I’m left wondering if a 2015 Application might have aspects which no longer meet the normes… which could complicate the Re-Application… and might become a bit fiddly.

I would have thought that if the property is within a constructible zone a quick word at the Mairie can clarify things for the Buyer, without any outlay on anyone’s part.

Selling is always a stressful time and of course one wants to encourage/placate a Potential Buyer… it’s a question of doing so as simply as possible… especially when a Potential Buyer can (and often does) walk away… and the Seller has had a wasted time…

But they most probably won’t be if the work hasn’t even started! .As OP has shown……he has a permission that has expired, and no tax imposed. He can resubmit application, and sell the house, and then new buyer will either pay it or cancel the planning application.

Just a thought, though… if the Planning Application is made by the Seller… who will be granted Permission (or Refusal)… and thus be charged the Tax (eventually).

That is surely something for the Seller and the Mairie to discuss… beforehand…
as well as what changes in normes/regs (if any) have come into being in the last 6 years…

The estate agent is saying the buyer can revive the plans. I suppose he can only do it after he owns the property.

Ah… yes… that’s rather different from you, yourself, re-applying as was first mooted.

Much better…

good luck with your Sale.

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