Possible brit exit

One for all you legal eagles out there.

Like many, I own a house in France, I also have a business registered in francs and am in the french system.

I moved to France because of Britain joining the EU.

So I have a question, if the UK government loses the vote and Britain leaves the EU, god forbid, can all or any of us take legal action against mr Cameron and co for damages etc.

I’m not interested in becoming French. You will never be accepted as such anyway!

If I have to leave it all behind, after all the promises by labour and the Tory governments in the past about staying in, some buggers gunna pay!

But that compassionate Mr Cameron has just said taking in migrants isn't the solution....

Maybe he doesn't have a conscience ? Maybe he's right after all, simply close your eyes and pretend they don't exist...

OK, there have been uprisings and a civil war here and there but no real international conflict beyond the three or four things like Serbia Croatia since 1945. There is always potential somewhere, the EU staying together would be a better means of preventing it than individuals states having to go on their knees begging once it is all but too late.

Except for Serbia Croatie war in 1993 Brian, ivre just Been reading up aa lot on that Brian, with ils Muslim, Islam divisions! To much for MD to quote hère, just look at what started Thére and then is leading us all now!there is a pattern that Started because i remember an interview on Tv One day Back then when a young islamist said they Would infiltrate everywhere!

Its the ordinary people that have now been driven out by IS!

Remarkable, especially with Richard Desmond being so anti-EU (gave the kippers loadsa money) and normally pushing anti propaganda. It might mean his like are giving up leaving as a lost cause.


I am a Scot. A sizeable majority of Scots with electoral rights are for remaining in the EU. If the UK votes as a body to leave they will need to cope with that, plus a similar view in Northern Ireland. As for food safety and a few other things, replace the word few with very many and you will be right. Capital flight in the form of industries and financial institutions who have already said they will leave will exacerbate unemployment, although the political class obviously don't appear to care too much. As share holders they probably do not mind where any of them are based. The Economist did a lovely article on that in the spring, so what appears to be gold is actually no change with the profits in the same pockets as before but the rest of the people picking up the bill. EU laws do not actually favour those of us who do not wish to return to the UK because even if we are contributors to, for instance, the health system here it is highly likely that without an entitlement to the Carte Vitale any longer, many people will lose that access. Fair enough, they will not pay into the system for it but they are going to have much increased insurance bills on top of the part payments they will have to make. It will force some people out of France. The notion that the EU has some kind of power over all members is a UK media myth. All 27 members have constitutions and legal systems that are nothing like compatible with each other. The UK alone has three legal systems. A conservative estimate of how long it would take to 'merge' all countries into a federal union was something like 60 years a couple of years back. The vast majority of us should not really be too worried about six decades hence.

Above all else, there has been an almost unprecedented peace within Europe since the Treaty of Rome was signed by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany in 1957 and the EEC grounded a year later. Any nation wishing to break that bond is collectively insane. Attempting to take Cameron to court is actually possible, the ECJ is not part of the EU but of the Council of Europe. If the UK wishes to leave that too then its only companion in Europe outside of it is Belarus which is an oppressive dictatorship. In European civil law it is the right of any CoE member state citizen(s) to raise whatever legal case they wish. Enough of us would be willing to do so, if only the annoy the idiots running the UK.

There is a mini-statue at Javel in Paris

To answer your question " If the UK leaves the EU."

Wether Great Britain is in the EU or not will not make any real difference to expats. "Keep calm and carry on" We may get a bit of flak about it and may have a few unkind words said about it. But life goes on as normal. The remaining EU countries will still want to trade with us and the UK with the EU. The UK will still have to toe the line on EU standards of food safety and a few other things but so will the EU in reverse. As to taking Mr Cameron and co to court is pie in the sky, as it's a democratically taken decision made by the referendum of the people of the United Kingdom. Four things are for sure 1 If the vote goes to stay in the EU masters in Brussels will do their best to weld the UK into the EU for ever. 2 The hard earned rebate will be out of the window and the Schengen treaty will be forced on us. 3 Germany will do its best to capture the London markets 4 Our 'stay in or get out love hate' towards the EU ( which cuts both ways ) will only be resolved by the people of Great Britain. NOT the EU. Will the UK walk away from Europe its in the balance it depends on what happens in the next year or so, and the tipping point could well be the mass immigration now happening on the EU borders.

et pourtant, il y en a partout


…you mean for the Politicians do you Debra? :slight_smile:

Breaking news: The UN will investigate the British Government over human rights abuses caused by Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms. Disabled People Against Cuts said, "This inquiry is the first of its kind-it has… view full update on thepetitionsite.com

…above came by email from the Care 2 Pétition site demanding IDS résignation.

Indeed, John. Cheap labor and the ability to threaten them with deportation should they complain would be well-accepted. Of course, as soon as the walls were built, they would be deported anyway. I think concentration camps may be next on the agenda.

I heard on BBC Look East local News tonight a Yacht had been caught at

Orford on the Suffolk coast (I know it well myself having sailed there from Harwich Port in Essex) that several smuggled in Migrants were on board the Yacht having sailed from Holland. I think most were Afghans and 1 other!

Only this afternoon I added a reply to a discussion from May, about the ‘immigration’ situation, then went out leaving my reply to Save after a quick edit. I had suggested the next thing we would hear would be about migrants sailing from Holland to the UK East Coast! I don’t know if my reply saved or not. Apparently Teresa May had also spoken about the possibility of that happening when she was in Calais! I do know that Dutch & UK Customs have worked in collaboration for many years, with the N Sea Ferry crossing-over Route from Harwich /Felixstowe to the Dutch/Belgian ports.

Back in those days it was about drugs, drink and of cigarettes being smuggled in Quantity. not people! Even more years before. 1st when living in Kent, then Essex, when we sailed to a Belgian port for the night stop, and bought booze for rest of holiday. It Had to be pût in a sealed locker on our yacht,we had to havé a customs certificate and couldnt open locker till sailed Farther up coast to Holland and reported to customs on 1st Customs designated landfall. On return to UK we had to fly the Yellow Duster on entéring Marina, The quarantine flag, phone customs on arrival and wait 2 hrs before leaving! Of course it

ALL changed after the ?Schengen Treaty - now I can envisage the UK restoring the Customs rule. You are Still not allowed, I believe, to enter Ramsgate Marina with a pet on Board, even if sailing within UK territorial waters the whole time. Dover ferries and Port. Are the designated carriers and port of Departure for pets from that part of SE Coast, with their ID chips and Vac Certs.

I’m sure there are some other sailors here who will also remember those days and bei g boarded by Customs on both sides N Sea! The E coast Is not a forteress yet!

You will need a lot of immigrants to build the wall.

Since I am American, I am obviously not knowledgeable about the full situation in the UK. However, I thought I would mention what several of our politicians have suggested to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. Many politicians and citizens believe a wall should be built along the USA/Mexico border so no one can enter from the south. To stop possible terrorists from entering the USA from the north, it has been proposed to erect a wall along the Canada/USA border. A friend said that now is the time to become a bricklayer.

I would have thought such 'spin', a bit like the EU Referendum pledge in the last Tory manifesto would be better utilsed in the run up to the 2020 General Election !

Definite vote winner !!

Should be good for a laugh (not); two sides not listening to the other who were never going to agree anyway for what one side does not want but the other believes it can command the other 26 to do because they say...

I really do not know whether to weep or laugh.

Take a look at http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/30/migration-crisis-germany-france-britain-demand-urgent-meeting

Migration crisis: Germany, France and Britain demand urgent EU meeting
Call for action comes as UK home secretary Theresa May says only Europeans with a job lined up should be allowed to come to Britain

I’ve just found via my inbox, this item from. europarl.europa.eu

It’s on the the draft Agenda for a meeting in Brussels on 3rd September.

item 5)

The renegotiation of the United Kingdom constitutional relationship with the European Union: agenda, risks and implications


· Exchange of views

• Jean-Claude Piris, Consultant for European Law and International Public Law and Former Director General of the Legal Services of the Council of the European Union (1988-2010)

• Charles Grant, Director of the Center for European Reform

Has anyone noticed! Big Bother is watching you naughty boys, your references to meeting places can’t be replied to - only messaged!!!