Possible move from Lyon to Montpellier

Hello fellow SF members!
Am looking at possibly moving to Montpellier. Am American and have taught Business English at private and public universities in Lyon for past four years. Couple more years until retirement. Planning to stay here in France. From California and miss the sunshine and living near water. Lyon winters are getting too long and gray for me…and yearn for a more relaxed lifestyle.
So, am making a trip this week for a few days to do some more exploring of area and neighborhoods. Have a couple interviews lined up for teaching. Also attending an Internations event and Anglo women’s group event to connect with locals (don’t personally know anyone in area yet)
Curious if anyone could comment on life in area (positive or negative), safe and better neighborhoods for an older single woman. I’ll be looking for a flat to rent eventually and will be relying on public transport. Prefer to live close to conveniences and activities.
Many thanks for any feedback or comments.