Possible move to St Jean d’Angély - 👍or 👎

Hi everyone

Currently living in France but thinking of relocating to st Jean d’Angely area. Can anyone give me any feedback re this area in terms of whether there is the possibility of a reasonable social life (not just sitting in bars). I love gardening and definitely need French lessons.

Thank you for reading my post. Any guidance appreciated even a suggestion of another area which might work for me. Needs to have reasonably priced houses and good level of sunshine.


I live near St Jean, moved here from Brooklyn, NY, so a bit of a change …
I have a very good french teacher that I can recommend. As for the area, It depends what you compare with, I guess. I like it here.

Hi Heidi, I replied to a similar post you made on another forum, you might get more sense from people on here. I’ve lived near St Jean for the last 12 years so if there’s anything specific you’d like answers to please ask.

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have you seen this site?
you might get more info there.