Post / Stamp help

you know you can print your own stamps (and with your own logo)

... but where do you buy the sticky stamp paper?

do you have to buy special la poste approved stuff or can you just print onto any label paper and cut the stamps out ???


(sorry if i'm being a dimbo and it's glaringly obvious...)

Ok. Jacqueline, i think i found out.

I bought some special stamp sized Avery labels from intermarche - 24 to a page, and you just choose and print the stamps via the website

... and you can use just any adhesive printer paper

HOWEVER... you really need to print a whole sheet of stamps - otherwise it's tricky to feed the paper into the printer again. So for me, it's not worth it! You do save 4 cents, but it's just as easy to go into La Poste and buy a tony of stamps - and you don't have to pay for the paper!

anyway... i tried

i dont think you're a dimbo! i'd like to know too. Have tried in the web site of but still couldn't manage it.... maybe we're both dimbos LOL