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Hi, recently we have been having trouble getting parcels delivered. Some arrive some don’t. I recently ordered from Amazon France and it arrived ok. Ordered again and have had an email to contact Chronopost as the address is incorrect. Had this house for over six years not had this problem before. We are in a small hamlet with no street names or house numbers, just a name on the post box. Suggestions please.

You could try what3words to provide more detail about your address…

Add it to your Amazon France account.

what is the address which appears on your bills ???

Even if you don’t know it, your road or lane will have a name. Try looking on Google Street View. Delivery men use that to find you, so make sure your address is the same as what Google says.

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Hi Stella, as this is our holiday home all the bills go to our UK address.
Edf just put our surname and the hamlet. It. Only has 18 houses?

the subject of address and non delivery was thrashed about … last year. chronopost/whoever sometimes do have problems with deliveries which bear no resemblance to reality…

One lot insisted that my house did not exist… neither did the Mairie, nor the post office… :woozy_face:

If your letter box is easily seen, with your name clearly marked… your post should arrive.

In the next few years, every property will be given an “address”… this is a new thing… already in place in some areas/towns.

Have you thought of giving your mobile number… we do have folk phoning up saying… where are you… and I say… your are practically right outside my door… (more often than you might think…) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, we have recently just been given a house number, but unfortunately, the mairie has bizarrely put it out of sequence with the rest of the hamlet, so the delivery people are no further forward than they used to be ! Only the postie knows, and he’s been doing this round for 30 years !

Seems that our Mairie will be using “experts” to allocate road names and house numbers in our entire commune …

Our Mairie has promised a Public Meeting where all will be explained/discussed…

If your number really does seem bizarre, perhaps someone at your Mairie can explain the reasoning (or have it corrected if necessary)… :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Parcels come by so many services… can’t always leave it to the Postie…

Our neighbours believe it is because the mairie considered every plot of adjacent land, irrespective of its size or location, as potentially of sufficient size to build a house on (some of which clearly aren’t)…the current even numbered sequence from bottom to top running as 4, 6, 32, 28, 14, 18… and the odd-numbered sequence running as 3, 15, 17, 19 (all at the bottom of the hamlet 400m away)…not worth arguing about IMO, but if the aim was to achieve certainty for deliveries, which was what we were told by the mairie, then I believe that aim has well and truly failed - if anything it is even more confusing than before, as all delivery vehicles will be looking for a number 18 in the centre of the hamlet that simply doesn’t exist. The fioul delivery truck that came Tuesday was fortunate enough to find one of the inhabitants down in the hamlet - normally there’s no one around to ask.

so no-one actually knows…??? :thinking:

Makes sense, thinking to the future… perhaps some signs in the meantime might be a good idea… :roll_eyes: as I say, why not ask at the Mairie…

Nope. There was no public debate to which we were invited. Just an announcement in the bulletin communal. No concertation. Nothing, None of the locals, who know the mairie far better than us, are any the wiser. I will ask at the mairie when it is open again :wink: it always seems to be closed whenever I go past during its supposed normal opening times…

Oh dear… at least our Mairie puts out a warning (notice on the door 2 or 3 days in advance…) when the office will be closed “exceptionellement”… :hugs:

Just had two separate parcels delivered, one from China one from USA but Amazon France wont dispatch my item as they don’t recognise my address. But they delivered one to me two weeks ago?

perhaps you could talk with their customer service folk…

I no longer purchase from Amazon, having concluded that it is an inhuman money making machine and it is not possible to have a conversation with a rational human being on that site.

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Have you ever used the chat or ring-back features? There are humans there it is just a bit tricky talking to them.

we’ve used both and it has worked well… but obviously not everyone is so lucky…

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No. I bought a faulty item on their so called “Marketplace” and the vendor refused to accept responsibility.
I got nothing but irrelevant automated messages from Amazon.
As a last resort, I wanted to leave appropriate feedback for the vendor, but found this was not possible for reasons that I was unable to understand.
My life is easier and less stressful without Amazon.

I had a problem in the middle of Marseille. So, there was really no excuse for not finding the house.

It turned out that the postie didn’t put the missed delivery slip in our mailbox. The parcel got returned to New Zealand with a stamp saying that it had waited for 14 days at the local post office.

It was good of them to send it back to NZ, I don’t know how many mail systems would do that these days.


Which can cause temporary chaos, as the address will not yet appear on Google earth or satnavs. We had no problems when there were five little streets all with the same name, but it was a sparse first Christmas after we got ‘proper’ street names and house numbers. Hopefully, the pompiers have been given a map!!