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We had similar with chronopost . Any parcels with them never get delivered . If it comes normal mail no problem at all . This I some times just to last to find us . Will leave it in a post office 30 mins drive away but not in our village or the one next post office . I remember had similar with DHL saying they could not find us and the parcel never left Toulouse according to the tracking

We have recently been given road names and numbers.
There are two houses in our ‘chemin’. Ours is number 33. Friends of ours living nearby are on a road with 5 houses on it. Their number is 468!
The method used to arrive at these numbers is by measuring the distance in metres to the house from the end of the road nearest to the village centre. This does at least eliminate any problems about numbering newbuilds!

That is just typical of DHL.

We are surrounded by agricultural land upon which you cannot build, so how is that going to work for La France Profonde.
we are being told that it is not to expedite deliveries, but to help emergency services if they have to come from Macon. Methinks if that is the case they will be too late anyway.

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Not if it is the SAMU chopper…

Can the SAMU chopper put out a fire?

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Yeah, same here, if anyone has a heart attack, you can forget having an ambulance, or even a chopper, out in time to save them…the nearest defibrillator is 2km away :rofl:

EDIT : actually, I’ll have to check that next time I drive past, because it might even be shut inside the mairie !!

At least ours is outside the Mairie, but that is seven k away!

Perhaps the location of the emergency services etc is something to think about when considering buying/renting a property… :upside_down_face:

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If/when I get my pacemaker/defibrillator (I was due to fitted next week but it seems this might now be delayed) I won’t have far to go… :grin:

Mmm… hope they fit it soon… keep calm meantime… :wink:

Moi? totally calme @Stella


It is a regional issue for sure, la poste and dhl here are brilliant, chronopost, dpd fedex/tnt are hopeless, the latter first said they left a card because i was not in, next day they claimed they could not find the house. This has been like it for at least five years, everyone in the area tells the same story, basically its a bit rural and the drivers simply will not bother to drive 25km from the nearest town for a single parcel!

I have also found Chronopost to be ‘iffy’ to say the least. I order (have ordered) books from World of Books and others, and delivery rate is about 25% . Same story - no-one in to receive, yet the ones I get are in the box as nothing i order requires a signature. One delivery simply stated ‘no delivery to this address’ . Until world of books change their delivery system then I won’t/can’t order from them. I have advised them, but as soon as I look at new listings and thinking Chronopost I look to other sources. Shame, but that’s the reality.

Probably people don’t realise that the ongoing street and house-numbering is based on a ditance from a point of reference - usually a ‘main’ road. This produces anomalies in country areas, e.g. where my sister-in-law received a house number of 833 - (literally a very smart metal plate to be affixed) whilst being the only house around. It turned out that is was the number of metres from the nearest junction. Apparently this functions clearly through GPS systems. The old odds and evens etc., as I understand it, no longer applies.
Like you we have neither street name nor number and live down a small laneway with two other houses. We have been notified that our as yet to be determined numbering will be under a new ‘Impasse de …’ designation.
Should help I hope.

With Chronopost I put up handwritten (bold) signs on both sides of the entry to the laneway and even put up coloured balloons on one occasion and notified the driver over his mobile what to look for;
We only have ten houses in our village street and my signage was less than 100 meters from the Maire/School! Still didn’t get the delivery and the books were sent back to the UK where they gave me a full refund, which really wasn’t the objective.

I asked why World of Books just didn’t use La Poste, but I think they have some bulk arrangement with Chronopost.