Posting one's name is required

I see this all the time, someone joins and then is asked to post their full name.

I’m wondering why ‘anon37255541’ is… well…anonymous…

They have left the forum and asked to be removed.

I see posts from that person frequently…

on January 24 Jack Shepherd. Is he guilty?

Is he still playing “Wycliffe” ?

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It may be that you are seeing the posts before they left. Their name is removed but their posts remain as Anon xxx but they no longer post.
It used to puzzle me until it was explained some time ago. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense really as if ‘leavers’ posts were deleted it would be a right buggers muddle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, I can imagine how confusing it would be if we only saw the replies to posts that were no longer there, mind you we could always try filling in the missing blanks :rofl: :dizzy_face:

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Or, as I would prefer to say Simon… a reet mucking fuddle!

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Ah so it may not always be the same ‘anon’. I think that’s what confused me!

Thanks everyone :joy:

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I think each “Anonymized” person is given a unique number … hence Anon37255541

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That’s correct, anyone who requests account removal or is banned will have their profile anonymised. The content remains but no personal details of the account are kept.

Concentrating on his jazz piano these days.