Potential pet cat anyone?

Hello, everyone.

I've never posted on here before, so I hope I'm doing it correctly! I don't actually live in France but my dad and his partner do. Over the last few years, they have gained quite a collection of cats, as they are both big animal lovers and neighbours have brought them pets they no longer want, people have dumped kittens on their doorstep and strays have turned up. They now have approx 16(!), all of which are friendly, up-to-date with innoculations and litter trained. Unfortunately, my dad and his partner are both now suffering with ill health though. I wondered whether, potentially, anyone would be interested in a much-loved pet cat or cats to add to their family? I don't think my step-mum is quite ready to part with any of them yet, but sadly she has MS and we are aware her condition will deteriorate, making it very difficult for her and Dad to care for them all. When that time comes, they will need loving homes, so I said I would test the water and see if any ex-pats might be interested, as she thinks we like animals more than the French (she is French, so I think she's allowed to say that!) They live in the Limousin.

Many thanks for reading,