Power of Attorney for renting out a house

We are going abroad for a few years and have a house in France which we would like to rent out, and it can be managed by our friends who live next door (to the property), rather than paying heaps to an agent -- mainly also because our friends would be great at managing any snags etc with the house.

Has anyone else done this using a Power of Attorney? Any comments would be appreciated as I would like to have this prepared before being notarised, thanks!


Thanks David,

The contract information is very useful, and you have reminded me of the other parts we need to plan ahead. Our friends (who are french) live next door to the property which will be rented, and because they themselves have property they rent (privately, not through an agent) then they seem very prepared for the process. I just need to see that the Power of Attorney lists everything they may need to 'sort' on our behalf, such as utilities being transferred, bins arranged, insurance dealings etc since we will be quite far away in the Middle East for a few years.

You can down load contracts for renting out properties and you can make scope to appoint a local representative on behalf of the owner. The below is for unfurnished property:


I would recommend that a standing order is set up. You need agreed an agreed schedule of condition and photos taken before occupation. Tax habitation with TV licence should be paid by the tenant and taxe fonciere by the owner. Insurance needs to be by the tenant and you should check it. Utilities and dustbin collection contracts need to be changed to the tenant.

Thanks Margo, I can probably go to the notaire who handled the purchase for us. I just wanted to have a bit more information prepared as I find them generally very slow here --- and very expensive! Our solicitor in the UK completed a conveyancing process in just over 3 weeks, whereas the notaire here was doing the same task but took more than 4 months!