Pre Party Sondage

Hello to all...

I would like to have a get together for SFN members later in the year. Before I actually decide on a date, I would like some feedback on which of the dates below would work best for everyone. The date that suits the majority will be the one I go for.

All will then be revealed as an event posting....

To give you some idea, it will be one of the four following weekends:

19th October

26th October (could be good as it's also my birthday)

2nd November

9th November

I look forward to your feedback. For those further away, accommodation is possible.

Namaste :)

Booo!!! :-)

Good plan x

:) Okay lets arrange nearer the time!

oooh lovely idea Catharine :) Thanks xx

Damaris - as it is also my birthday in October, do you fancy meeting halfway for a modest birthday lunch? Trip to the spa in Pau? x

Hi all,

Thank you Marie-Antoinette for reminding me abut this lol!

Effectively due to the flood damage, I will not be holding a birthday party this year. My sister has requested my presence at home as they are all quite worried about me and given recent events, i must admit that I'm more than happy to go home for a bit.

Depending on my situation, I may hold a "just because" party in the New Year but time will tell.

Thank you all for responding and hopefully we will all get together at some point.

Love & Light, Blessed Be xx

Damaris, are you still having the get together on your birthday October 26?

Since no more has been said about it, and the flooding in Lourdes this summer...I wondered.



Bien evidemment! ;)

Don't forget to reserve a space for me!!!!

Excellent! Parteeeeeee!

Hi Catharine,

I need to fine tune some details with Racahel next week and then I'll post it in the events section for everyone to see :)


Damaris - are we okay to publicise this to the wider SFN membership now? Let me know! Am looking forward to meeting you all already! x

Hi Damaris , I'm sure you will , (especially if I come haha ;) ) ..... Only problem I'll have is getting my Daughter (17) back to Lycee on the Monday . It''s a long drive for me so was thinking of visiting my friend down there in Rabastans de Bigorre, and staying a few days. I may come down in the summer for that anyway.

Hi Paul,

I just want to have a great party! lol

I am based in Lourdes (65). The plan is to hold the party at the hotel that I run.

forward planning! love it. I agree with Tracy, where were you thinking of holding the event?

Where are you based Damaris, that could be why there has not been many replies?

Noted ... what do you want for your birthday ? :)


26th October is in the diary!