Premium number telephone scam

I got a call yesterday , saying something about free services 'sur l'anniversaire de mon cabinet' ie of setting up my business. I didn't understand it all except they made sure I got a pen and paper to copy down a number to ring Mme Sophie. Her name was suspicious enough and I just hung up. But they rang back and insisted I was missing out, hung up again after saying je ne suis pas interessé. The number was an 089 number and would no doubt have cost me many euros.

Though I'd warn you all.

Seems a shame to boycott cdiscount, I have had some good buys from them.

For me it was possibly linked to the start date of my yellow pages ad

We got stung by this as well... when we placed an order with CDiscount (which we will NEVER do again!!!), then the phone calls started about our deliveries. Being uninformed at the time, we called the number.... I got really suspicious after they asked if I could stay on hold for about 5 minutes. Click!!! Hung up... our phone bill was €52 higher by calling an 0899 number.