Prenatal health

My second son was born in France. With my limited French language skills the pregnancy was a challenge. However, everything turned out well, and my son Mikus is now seven months old.

As my main prenatal support came from other expats and the web, I wrote a piece on the experience with the thought that other women in a smilar situation might benefit from what I learned. The article can be found here:

I’m thinking of adding a few more pieces, on birthing in France and the first months. What kind of information do you think is valuable for English speaking moms/moms-to-be in France? Did you find the article on prenatal health at all helpful?

Thanks for any advice!


I've had 2 in the US and 4 here in France. I think links to English speaking support groups would be great. I didn't read your article yet but the links would be very helpful. I joined LLL right away and in the Paris area we have a couple English speaking groups.

I think good/bad experiences can be had everywhere in the world! I sympathize with you both, Catharine and Anne Marie, my first birth (in the US) still hurts. Another reason I’ve decided to speak up about the second, I wish more women could have positive experiences. That being said, if I have a third child, I would like to have it in France!

Well I had a dreadful experience in the UK with no 1 - quote from the doctor (butcher) "sorry my hand slipped" whilst doing an episiotomy - nice. Went for the home birth option after that!

Hi Liene, I had my firs 2 sons in the UK, the third was born in France !!!! I did not speak french and I had the most TERRIBLE time even after 23 years this October I cannot talk about it !!!!!! My son is healthy and happy, and for that I am really thankful, but I sympathise even today with ignorant doctors who cant or wont understand English !!!!!!!! Now I am ok my french is + ou - bien lol, mais aujourd hui je pouvais lui dire se que je penser !!!!!!!! lol Bon courage in helping new moms to be in France :-) I wish I had met you then lol