Presents from your cat

Last night Barrabas brought us:

11pm - a frog (alive)

4am - a mouse (dead)

5.30 - another mouse (dead)

This is really unusual behaviour on his part. He very, very rarely brings his food inside (thankfully as he is a ‘ratter’) and never before have I had three presents in one night. They clearly were presents as they were brought into the bedroom with much noise and fuss. Could this have been due to the violent storm? Any other explanations? I’m hoping not to have a repeat performance tonight as I’m suffering from my broken night!


we had to remove our cat flap as he started bringing other cats in…I’m not joking!

On the first day we moved to France & put the cat flap in Stanley brought us a bird, never had another one since but lizards are his favourite - we usually find a tail somewhere lying around & then we spend the whole day wondering where the other half of it is.

In England we had lots of mice, he used to dismember them under the dining table (not pleasant) but we did learn all about the anatomy of the mouse. We’ve had toads & frogs too and lots of feathered friends.

I think he’s become a bit lazy since we’ve been in France as we just get the easy target Lizards now although heaven knows what he’ll find in the jungle at the new place - if he agrees to move with us that is!

If the stern talking to doesn’t work Catharine, could you try shutting your bedroom door so he doesn’t have access?
This is normal and natural cat behaviour, he really is showing you his appreciation and including you as part of his family by feeding you and bringing his ‘catch’ back home to share it. As such, I’m afraid it is not a punishable offence under cat law!

I would go with that except he always gets the most fuss anyway as he is a real bagpuss type cat with a huge personality. He ‘talks’ and gets carried around by Max as they adore each other.
I’m going to try a stern talking to over a bowl of Felix!

Last night’s offering was a vole at 3am. Tonight the cat flap is being locked. This is worse than having a small baby!

This could be the start of a brand new relationship Catharine, between you and Barrabas!
How old is he?
Cats do treat us as part of their family, so he really is just supplying you with food, you should be grateful after all!
Failing everything, you’ll have to sit down and have a chat with him over a bowl of Felix.

Good grief! That is one angry snake… and a very cool cat!

I can’t quite believe people were filming this though… I’d have grabbed my cat and been long gone!

I think cats are so cool.

Perhaps it’s cat christmas? :slight_smile:

Most of my presents are lizards. Mice are acceptable. Frogs are not. But yesterday I nearly freaked out when I found Zorro playing with something that was under a mat… thought it was a lizard cos I spotted a tail… it was a flipping snake!! :0

Hi Catherine,

Thank G Bosco is of the indoor variety I don’t think I would be able for this!
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