Press suppressing news that Teresa May broke the law


Good for her, they shouldn’t be allowed in UK. Look at the problems UK and Europe is having now letting these people in.

So, change the law or work to find a solution to the problems. Holding a position of responsibility and happily taking the money and the kudos that goes with it, but trying to sweep difficult situations under the carpet rather than deal with them, and letting the world see Great Britain as a country that shirks its responsibilities these days, is inexcusable IMHO. Doesn’t it bother you that our probably future PM doesn’t seem to have a moral compass or see any need to be accountable to anyone?
The more her true character is revealed the less I like her and the more apprehensive I get about Brexit. How can you trust someone like that?



‘These people’

Shame on you…


Its reality, security and safety for our own is the priority, no shame in that.

Quite surprised you haven’t gone back then to man the barricades to keep “these people” out.

Now thats being childish

Can you please clarify who you refer to when you say ‘these people’?

I’m referring to to Muslim clerics, agitators and terrorists who are arriving mostly amongst genuine refugees.

Well maybe you should start another discussion - the article cited on this one refers to 75 people including children who were washed up on the shores of Cyprus back in 1998 when their boat got into difficulty off the coast.

These 75 human beings have been ‘detained’ in the British Sovereign Base Area since that time, in increasingly deteriorating conditions.

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Then those 75 ‘human beings’ who have arrived in Cyprus illegally should be deported back to their country of origin.

They are recognised refugees under the 1951 Refugee Convention and the UK is legally responsible for them. Your thoughts on their futures @anon29800096 are not only cold and brutal, they are also irrelevant.


What law did she break exactly?

Have youo read the article? It explains it there…

So I guess Labour Home Secretaries from 1998 to 2010 also broke the law?


That may well be the case but that is not the point of this discussion…
What the thread points out is that by the press suppressing the news, the truth about TM’s demeanour is being denied to the electorate.

I’m not getting into a pissing contest with you. Think what you like. Seems anybody can get refugee status these days.

Mmmm… without being specific to the Thread… I would suggest that there is not a lot of Truth about, at the moment… sad to say…just everyone putting their twist on things…:sob:

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Seems The Canary is a left biased rag so no surprise there.

My take on it is that TM (when Home Secretary) was just following what previous HS’s had done and denied asylum/entry to these unfortunate people, further to that the Court of Appeal verdict is not binding and the government will take it to the Supreme Court. In any case if the government does end up losing in the SC they will only be forced to re-consider their decision so it may still be some time before those stuck in Cyprus get a final answer.