Pretty fall (Autumn) photos anyone?

(Helen Wright) #41

Beautiful meghann…have you tried Etsy…??? xxx

(Meghann Robbe) #42

Yes, i just set up an acct… TatieCognacsBoutique

(Helen Wright) #43

Wishing you the best…my daughters love Etsy…there’s another one they use as well…I forget at the minute what it’s called…I’ll find out for you…:heart:

(Meghann Robbe) #44

Me too and Pinterest for creative ideas!!! Thank you Helen for your suggestions! :maple_leaf::jack_o_lantern:

(Dan Wood) #45

As the early morning mists were lifting from the sloping vineyards in Loupiac on Sunday morning.

(stella wood) #46

Autumn is the time when our evergreen clematis bursts into flower. These pale yellow flowers last all through the winter and their tassels/seed-heads are also pretty in springtime…

The hot summers tend to burn the foliage… but, so far, this has never affected the prolific flowering…

(Dan Wood) #47

Yesterday the canal Lateral at Hure in all it’s Autumn glory bathed in warm ‘Ete Indien’ sunshine.


(Helen Wright) #48

After much study and scrutiny and spore testing…I ate my first parasol mushroom for tea tonight…kept it simple just fried in butter…delicious…x :slight_smile:

Have quite a few more…but will leave some of them so they come up next year too… x :slight_smile:

(Meghann Robbe) #49

Truly beautiful!

(Dan Wood) #50

Thank you - You’ve probably guessed l love photographing the Canal, it describes the seasonal change perfectly; Here’s another one l really like.

(Meghann Robbe) #51

Really love you take time to capture the seasons! Very beautiful and nature is just so healing! :maple_leaf::leaves::jack_o_lantern:

(Dan Wood) #52

The colours are incredible particularly in the vineyards and surrounds. We were surprised to see these beautiful flowers last week, they look like crocus.

(Meghann Robbe) #53

Keep taking photos!! They are beautiful!

(Ann Coe) #54

Under the snow this morning I have Campenella, Fuschia and Primroses all in bloom. Will try to get a photo when the weather allows ! :slight_smile:

(Peter Juselius) #55

Fall in NY, NY.

(Meghann Robbe) #56

Love the colors!:maple_leaf:

(Véronique Langlands) #57

Colchique, aurumn crocus, very poisonous. They get a drug to treat gout out of them though, colchicine :slight_smile:

(Véronique Langlands) #58

Driving home from Germany yesterday

sorry about the witch on the left, but it was Hallowe’en :grin:

(Meghann Robbe) #59

My backyard

(Ann Coe) #60

The sun is out and shining on my garden :slight_smile: