Pretty fall (Autumn) photos anyone?

(Meghann Robbe) #61

Wow!!! Breathtaking photos!!!

(Nellie Moss ) #62

Lovely I am on Gare de Bercy about to start the last leg of an epic journey that started yesterday lunch time. There are some lovely autumn colours around and I am looking forward to seeing the Auvergne. If it has anything it has trees

(David Martin) #63

(Ann Coe) #64

Is this before a storm, looks a menacing sky ?

(David Martin) #65

No storm arrived, it was just strong evening sunshine and dark clouds in the east. I’m really pleased with the photo as it was taken on my phone.

(Ann Coe) #66

So many beautiful areas in France, so much to see and yes so many beautiful trees too :slight_smile: