Pretty fall (Autumn) photos anyone?

(Meghann Robbe) #61

Wow!!! Breathtaking photos!!!

(Nellie Moss ) #62

Lovely I am on Gare de Bercy about to start the last leg of an epic journey that started yesterday lunch time. There are some lovely autumn colours around and I am looking forward to seeing the Auvergne. If it has anything it has trees

(David Martin) #63

(Ann Coe) #64

Is this before a storm, looks a menacing sky ?

(David Martin) #65

No storm arrived, it was just strong evening sunshine and dark clouds in the east. I’m really pleased with the photo as it was taken on my phone.

(Ann Coe) #66

So many beautiful areas in France, so much to see and yes so many beautiful trees too :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #67

I took this photo yesterday morning at 7.44 am…on my phone…I’m thinking that this lone morning star is Venus…???

(Nellie Moss ) #68

I saw that an hour or so ago absolutely stunning

(stella wood) #69

Too right… magnificent…

(Paul Flinders) #70

If you have an Android phone Google Sky Map is good for figuring out what you are looking at

(Ann Coe) #71

Out for a walk yesterday in my enchanted forest, saw the last (?) of the geese flying over…

(Ann Coe) #72

(Meghann Robbe) #73

Really beautiful! Reminds me a lil of home in Cali

(Ann Coe) #74

I am very lucky because this is really only some metres from my house, that’s why I call it my enchanted forest !
It is actually a site where granite was quarried many years ago, it has also featured in 2 of George Sand’s novels and can be visited by the public. The park/forest and not my house :roll_eyes:

(Alex Thurgood) #75

Potentially, Lépiote vénéneuse - apparently the trick in determining whether or not they are the poisonous variety as opposed to the delicious Coulemele is whether or not the collar around the stem moves up/down or just snaps off…Frankly, my own tests on similar specimens were inconclusive - if in doubt, don’t eat it :wink:

(Jane Jones) #76

I think that’s sternbergia lutea, which I know as the winter daffodil. It’s in the amaryllidacae family rather than iridaceae. Lovely photo of them…

(Dan Wood) #77

Thank you Jane - Véronique suggested they were Colchique which are used to produce a drug to treat gout - so l thought l might try self-medicating:wink::wink:

I must say it’s been the most beautifully vibrant Autumn l have ever seen - My cameras have been very busy - here are some from the last week in and around the vineyards of Sauternes.

(Véronique Langlands) #78

You are right - colchiques are mauve or white, not yellow. Same extended family and both called crocus d’automne though, confusing. Sternbergia has the name ‘vendangeuse’ as well :slight_smile:

(Jane Jones) #79

Yes both in the Asparagales family, but it’s quite a big family so I don’t find family names hugely useful in describing flowers/plants.

(Jane Jones) #80

Lovely, are you using a filter of any sort as very crisp.