Prices of second hand stuff

Something I been thinking about allot lately is the price the French people are selling their second hand thinking’s for online on sites like often are really high price if you compare to other countries I now cars are allot more expensive second hand in France compared to other countries but it dosent stop at cars it’s everything second hand before the best place to get a good deal was at the brockants but now that has changed to in recent years it feels like the French are over valuing everything like a exempel yesterday I saw ad for a tv 15 years old and they where asking 150 euros where I come that whold be free if you take it away even get paid to take it away I have checked Facebook marketplace it’s the same thing there only page that has normal prices is dvn but that’s only expats seller’s

Buy stuff elsewhere then :blush:
Recycleries etc are cheap.


Hmmm - not very helpful; like where ?
And it’s a fair point being made.
As for recycleries - don’t always have what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it.

I think this is something that folk do… compare one country’s prices for whatever… with another country… which (in my opinion) is not worth wasting time on…

Secondhand stuff…folk will ask for as much as they can. Whether they get that price is another thing, but unless someone seriously wants the thing … gone… I can’t blame them for trying to get some money.

Money is in short supply… and there are always bills to be paid…

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Really? Try the internet. Last time I looked it was quite a useful source.

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I’ve had a little success selling unwanted things online but what I consider a fair price doesn’t wash with Joe Public and so eventually I’ve ended up selling for well under what i expected. Everyone wants a bargain, me included.

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It is a shame that freecycle doesn’t really exist here, we have got some brilliant things from it. Including a 2m cherry table that we brought with us.

Everything we have bought on LBC we have bartered down to an acceptable price. And word of mouth has worked to get other stuff - a wheelbarrow, a workbench, and some old tools.

Well, in all these other countries where it is all so much cheaper. Just nip off there and do all your second-hand shopping then come home with your treasure-trove.

That is because they depend on what is chucked out for stock, obviously they won’t necessarily have exactly what you want, when you want it. If you don’t want uncertainty, go to a shop, that’s what shops are for.

People can ask whatever price they choose for their old stuff, nobody is obliged to pay it.


Alternatively let me know what you want of mine and I will throw it away - it will then be at the recyclerie next week!

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Rumour has it, that if you have had property stolen, you should look for it on LBC!

They certainly try to sell dodgy cars on there, sometimes… :thinking: :wink:

Here you go

When the Puces were on, I was always amazed (and a little saddened to be honest) at how cheap excellent books can be. eg the whole hardbound set of Histoire de France (unopened) 10 volumes fot €10. Time Life books for €1-2 - good for me, but what does it say about ‘reading’ generally?

Hi Norman,
This should cheer you up then. Obviously in very good condition! :money_mouth_face:

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Plus £2.80 for delivery…:astonished:

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Thank you!! Glad to see it exists, although obviously people in my patch are mean buggers as very little there. :slightly_frowning_face: OH will be happy tho’ as means there’s a chance some cupboards will be emptied - I just can’t put things in the bin if they are still useable.

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I had better get looking at my library again!!

I still have and treasure a fantastic calf bound India paper copy of Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Rome I bought aged 7 or 8 in Perth (Scotland) for 2p while I was waiting for my granny to pick me up from the dentist’s. Admittedly 2p was probably my week’s pocket money. I knew the whole of how Horatius kept the bridge off by heart then :blush:
Anyway that ignited a lifelong passion for buying old books.

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i can’t say I buy ‘old books’ as such, but as most of my interests lie in historical subjects of varying ages, I suppose this leads me to them. I can be accused of producing ‘old books’ myself with my passion for old posters, but I also mde it a ‘mission’ to get Commercial Art accepted as ‘true art’ or ‘fine art’; So I produce books to validate this point of view (40 books and counting!)

Ive not done too badly from selling secomd hand…
Just lost a fortune buying my house!
I was even thinking of makong a small amoint of money buying and sellong…
I made a lot on my fiesta which i only drove for 2 months before ending up on hospital…